Can You Be Sure Your Listings Are Performing Well?

Can You Be Sure Your Listings Are Performing Well?

It’s busy season, and that may mean you’re balancing the demands of multiple listings. Even in a hot market with high buyer demand, you want to get the best possible deal for your clients.

To get the best offer possible for each of your sellers, you need to know how your listings are performing, and whether your overall home showings strategy is working. But how?

homesnap showings

The answer: Homesnap Showings, the showing management tool specifically designed to make showings easier and more efficient, free for Homesnap Pro agents, courtesy of your MLS.

Reap the Rewards of Better Listing Reports

As we designed Showings, we spent hundreds of hours interviewing agents to learn about their needs and wants. What we heard, over and over, was that agents wanted clear, comprehensive reporting about their listings so they could measure their success and, if necessary, set a new strategy. That’s exactly what Homesnap Showings delivers.

reap rewards of better reporting

Just consider the above sample showing report. Showings are displayed over the past week, and broken down into all showings, in-person showings, and virtual showings. You can see the specific times a property went up for sale, you hosted an open house, raised or lowered a price, and actually got a property under contract.

Crucially, Homesnap Showings also has a comprehensive dashboard available to Pro+ agents that details listing views over time. You can see how many agents and consumers are viewing your listings, which allows you to determine whether your advertising for your properties has been sufficiently competitive.

Within that display, Pro+ agents are also able to see the specific buyer’s agents who have viewed their listing and can take action to promote their listing.

Successful agents get their agents the best offer possible. Listing reports with Homesnap Showings allows you to understand and alter your overall showings strategy – optimizing the selling process for you and your clients.