Day in the Life of a Listing Agent Who Uses Homesnap Showings

Day in the Life of a Listing Agent Who Uses Homesnap Showings

As an agent, you live an on-the-go life. From your office to your car to your listed properties – business isn’t conducted strictly at your desk from 9 to 5.

The platform you use to organize your showings has to be equally nimble. That’s why we created Homesnap Showings – existing showings management solutions were costly, complicated, and not helping agents service clients and close deals.

Homesnap Showings: Deliver the Best Showing Experience for Your Clients

Just consider how your day might look if you were a listing agent using Homesnap Showings. You’ll see how Showings is designed to be seamlessly integrated into a high-performing agent’s daily schedule, and understand why the free-to-use* Homesnap Showings is the simplest, most effective tool to deliver the best showing experience possible for your clients.

In the Office

This day, like many others, is starting with coffee in your office. You’re toggling between a number of home listings, getting your bearings for the day ahead, and mapping out your broader showings strategy. Throughout the morning, Homesnap Showings helps you stay organized and quickly update the status of new and existing showings.

1. Updating existing and new showings

To start, you want to make sure that your portfolio of listings is entirely up to date. Your morning started with good news: an accepted buyer offer on one of your listings.  The last thing you want to do is show the world outdated or incorrect listing information – that’s an easy way to lose credibility with leads, fellow agents, and clients.

go live in one click homesnap showings

Showings allows you to turn home listings on or off in one click. So, you switch that listing to off the market in a single click. Moments later, you click the “Accepting Showings” toggle on two other listings to indicate that you and your client are ready to book showings and host prospective buyers.

The catch: Those two new listings have sellers with unique, differing requirements and expectations.

For one listing, the seller has wide open availability, and is comfortable with in-person or virtual appointments being automatically confirmed without you or her confirming. The other seller has more limited availability, restricted to in-person showings exclusively, and wants both you and he to confirm each request to tour the property.

With Showings, these different seller requirements aren’t a hassle or concern.

fast easy to use set up homesnap showings

You’ve already customized each listing to seller specifications. All it took were a few clicks, and you have two new properties listed on the market – each catered to the seller’s expectations, schedule, and preferences. Your existing and new Showings are now listed the way your sellers want them, and you’re ready to review your updated calendar for the next few days.

2. Keeping the calendar organized

With your portfolio of showings listed and updated, you now take the time to check your calendar for your showings today, later this week, and throughout the month. Homesnap Showings ensured that you didn’t have to track or maintain this calendar manually.

sync your calendar homesnap showings

Google calendar integrations gives Showings agents the ability to see all of their showing requests and appointments in one place. Now, you’re able to use a clear, comprehensive calendar filled with your pending request and confirmed bookings. 

All your showings appointments, all in one place, automatically. Somewhere else, another agent is spending precious time updating their showings calendar and organizing their day. Your calendar is set, you’ve won time back, and you’re ready to use it giving prospective buyers tours.

In the Car

It’s time to hop in the car and drive to the homes you have on the market. But that doesn’t mean you’ve checked out of work. You have a few showings booked over the course of the afternoon and evening, and want to stay abreast of what’s going on with all your showings throughout the day.

3. Changing plans, without hassle or concern

If there’s one constant to real estate, it’s changing, dynamic plans. And it just happened again. On the way to your first showing of the day, you receive a message from the buyer’s agent that their client is running late. Can you accommodate a later time?

The answer is yes, and because you’re a Homesnap Showings agent, it’s easy to deliver that answer to the buyer’s agent.

seamless agent to agent communication homesnap showings

Showings is fully synchronized with Homesnap Messages. When life gets messy and you or a buyer’s agent need to reschedule, cancel, or otherwise alter plans, a notification goes straight to the other agent’s phone.

After the running late notification and your own quick response, you spend the original time you had blocked for the showing prepping a different property for a later showing. Once again, Homesnap Showings has saved you time and kept you productive.

4. Managing showings approvals on the go

Just because you’re showing one property doesn’t mean that the action on your other listings has stopped. And today, as you move from one showing to the next, you find yourself continually managing new approvals from buyers who want to tour a property.

manage approvals from anywhere homesnap showings

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The market is hot, there are a record-low number of home listings, and buyers owe it to themselves to check out every property they possibly can.

As an agent, the torrid real estate market affords you the opportunity to get listings sold quickly and at or above the original listing price. But it also comes with the responsibility to respond as soon as possible to prospective buyers. As a Showings agent, you’re positioned to approve showings requests as soon as they appear. The market’s moving fast, and so are you.

After Your Showings

You’ve finished showing properties for the day, and want to know what potential buyers thought of your listed homes. Other agents might need to push the process of requesting feedback and evaluating their broader showings strategy to tomorrow. But you’re not them: Homesnap Showings ensures you receive feedback from buyers’ agents and provides you with comprehensive, real-time showings management reports – without you spending time on follow up or data preparation.

5. Receiving feedback from a buyers’ agent – without spending time on follow up

When prospective buyers left your showings today, you didn’t have to worry about following up with them to learn whether they liked the property.

Instead, Homesnap Showings sent them an automatic reminder to submit feedback. Some buyer’s agents have already left feedback. Those that haven’t will be sent strategically timed reminders, making it more likely that they give you and your client the feedback necessary to chalk a showing appointment up as successful or not.

less follow up more feedback homesnap showings

You’re being alerted instantly as feedback comes through, but realize it would be helpful to view all your feedback in one place. So, you toggle to the listing report to get a more holistic gauge on how buyers are reacting to a specific property. Some of this feedback is detailed and positive, some is sparse and unhelpful. 

You decide to share the detailed feedback with your client, and quickly hear back from them. They appreciate being kept in the loop and feel grateful to have you as their agent.

6. Reviewing comprehensive Showings reports

Before powering down for the day, you want to get a sense of whether your showings appointments are trending up or down. For another agent, this might require sinking time into data analysis and creating a report. For you, it’s as simple as clicking a button.

reap rewards of better reporting homesnap showings

By navigating to your Homesnap Showings reporting dashboard, you can see how many total showings appointments you’ve recently booked or conducted. If you’re a Homesnap Pro+ member, you also get access to data about how many listing views they’ve received in recent weeks and months. 

Now, you’re ending the workday knowing not just how today’s showings went, but also with a sense of whether you have a healthy number of showings likely to be booked in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Deliver the best Showings experience for your clients, save time, effort, and stress, and close more deals: Get Homesnap Showings.

*Homesnap Showings is available for free to Homesnap Pro agents in participating MLSs.