With Homesnap Showings, You Can Solve These 3 Common Showings Management Problems

With Homesnap Showings, You Can Solve These 3 Common Showings Management Problems

When we talked to agents about the tools and software they used for showings management, we heard familiar refrains.

Existing showings management tools required payment for add-ons and weren’t easy to use. And even if agents did shell out for extra features, they found it hard to organize feedback from clients and felt frustration that their data was at risk of being shared with a competitor.

This agent feedback and the shortcomings they exposed are the reasons we’ve introduced Homesnap Showings, the most agent-friendly, easy-to-use real estate showings tool on the market.

As we built Showings, we identified the biggest problems with existing showings management platforms, and provided a new, much-needed problem that offers agents solutions and a showings management platform that works for them.

Learn how Homesnap Showings solves the problems of cost, bulky interface, and sharing data with competitors – and why Showings is becoming the go-to showings management tool for listing and buyer agents.

1. Problem: Showings management tools have costly add-ons.

Solution: Every Feature in Homesnap Showings is FREE.

Any agent can tell you that in real estate, expenses add up. Licensing, broker fees, marketing, attending conferences – for agents, the costs of doing business can feel unrelenting.

That’s why we understood when agents told us that among their biggest frustrations with existing showings management tools was a byzantine payment structure, in which some features were covered by their MLS or brokerage and others required individual payment. We realized that in order to build agents a truly efficient showings management tool, every feature needed to be free.

And it is: Homesnap Showings is a completely free tool included in your free Homesnap Pro membership. No additional cost, no gimmicks, no hidden fees or add-ons. There’s no monthly fee required for agents, and not a single Showings add-on that requires you to pay out of pocket. As long as you have a free Homesnap Pro account, you have full access to every tool in Showings, courtesy of your MLS.*

With Homesnap Showings, agents now have full access to the best showings management tool on the market, and every single feature is – and always will be – free.

2. Problem: Showings management platforms are complicated.

Solution: Homesnap Showings is easy to use and efficient.

We heard it loud and clear from agents: Existing showings management platforms could be more useful if they weren’t so complicated, bulky, and difficult to use.

It’s part of why we’re so proud of Homesnap Showings: We created a product that simplifies showings instead of making them more complex. 

Agents using Showings engage with an intuitive design. As a listing agent, setting the specifications for your clients’ Showings appointments is fast, simple, and easily customized – you can decide whether and how to manage approvals since your calendar is synced.

If you’re a buyer’s agent, you can book appointments instantly, and communicate with the listing agent if you need to cancel or your client has specific questions or concerns.

Overall, Homesnap Showings is built as a platform that helps you efficiently organize the entire showings experience.

To do that, Showings comes with customized itineraries and smart routing, meaning that you can easily list showings, manage approvals, book tours, and plan the perfect day for your clients in one platform.

And after the showing is over, we send feedback reminders to the buyer’s agent, providing a centralized location to track client feedback and preferences.

With Homesnap Showings, you can say goodbye to bulky showings management software and tools that don’t provide you a one-stop showings management experience. Instead, eliminate time, effort, and stress by using Showings.

3. Problem: Some agents fear competitors will share or control their client data.

Solution: Homesnap Showings is your partner, not a competitor.

Solution: Homesnap Showings is your partner, not a competitor.

We hear it from agents often: They want to use the best real estate marketing and management tools possible, but are worried about whether their data is safe with a company that is competing with them for business.

As we’ve said before, we’re not a market participant, so you can feel secure using Homesnap Showings. We’re your partner, not a competitor, and we will never become an MLS or brokerage. Showing management software is an essential tool, and agents must be able to collaborate with their buyers and sellers without fear that their data will be shared with or controlled by a competitor. That’s what Homesnap Showings provides, and why we believe it is the most agent-friendly showings management tool on the market.

Homesnap Showings is made for agents. It’s free, comprehensive, and easy-to-use. With Showings, you can provide clients a better home buying and selling experience – with the reassurance that your client data belongs to you, and not a competitor.

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*Homesnap Showings is available for free to Homesnap Pro agents in participating MLSs.