Use One Tool to Prospect for Leads, Win Listing Presentations, and Grow Your Business

Use One Tool to Prospect for Leads, Win Listing Presentations, and Grow Your Business

Prospecting is an important way for real estate agents to fill their pipeline. But building a prospect list that isn’t bolstered by pertinent details, such as homeowner and property data, won’t enable you to have productive conversations with potential sellers and move them down your funnel to become clients.

Homesnap Pro+

Homesnap Pro+ is an all-in-one tool that supports you at each stage of the sales cycle. Use Pro+ to find the best seller leads in your market and to convert those leads to clients and grow your business.

Prospect Effectively With Heatmaps

In an era in which personalization reigns supreme, mass mailings from purchased lead lists have little effect. Productive prospecting means finding individual homeowners who are most likely to want to sell their home in the next year – not blanketing a neighborhood with flyers in hopes that someone will reach out. You can identify the best prospects in your farm area with Homesnap Pro+’s Advanced Heatmaps and Filters.

With Pro+, the map of your farm area transforms to more than empty boxes on a grid. Each off-market listing contains a rich array of property and homeowner information. Search filters like ownership type, loan balance, home equity, and whether the property is distressed provide you insight about whether a homeowner is likely to sell soon. By applying a Pro+ heatmap to your farm area, you can filter for properties that meet specific search criteria and uncover exactly which homeowners are worth adding to your prospect list.

Learn About Your Prospects With Additional Homeowner Info

Once you have a list of worthy prospects, Pro+’s Additional Homeowner Information feature helps you learn more about them. You’ll have easy access to basic demographics like age, gender, marital status, and household income, in addition to social media profiles to help you conduct more in-depth research.

By knowing more about your prospects, you can have a productive first conversation that focuses on their particular situation and how your services fit their needs. The more personalized the discussion, the more likely you are to convert your prospect to a warm lead.

Develop Winning Listing Presentations and Earn Clients

Once you have a warm lead, it’s time to win their business. Pro+ gives you additional property data and marketing tools that you can use to strengthen your listing presentation and impress sellers. 

To support your marketing efforts, Pro+ provides you with Custom Listing Lead Pages for every one of your listings, at no additional cost. Once your listing is entered into your MLS, Pro+ automatically creates professionally designed lead pages that you can use in any marketing channel. Show off this valuable benefit in your listing presentation (Go ahead and say you create the lead pages – we won’t tell!).

Of course, a listing presentation is not complete without a sale price recommendation. Pro+’s Sell Speed will help you zero in on a price that matches seller expectations. Sell Speed uses real-time market data and a machine learning algorithm to calculate the best listing price your sellers can set for their desired time to close.

You can present Sell Speed’s calculation and also use the tool alongside your sellers to see how changes to their timeline are likely to affect the listing price’s potential.

Win New Business with Pro+

Pro+ is the all-in-one solution that helps you grow your business, from building a viable prospect list to converting your prospects into leads and, ultimately, new clients. 
The benefits of Pro+ don’t stop there. As a Pro+ agent, you’ll have access to a complete suite of business and productivity tools that will support you at each stage of the sales cycle, from prospecting through referral generation. Learn more about all the available features and upgrade to Pro+ today to identify prospects and attract new clients.