Ultimate Guide to Closing 3 Deals Every Month

Ultimate Guide to Closing 3 Deals Every Month

Store owners, restaurateurs, and even technology companies generate sustained, consistent business through a valuable cohort: repeat customers.

Real estate agents can’t rely on their repeat customers to the same extent. Having loyal clients who repeatedly solicit your services is great, but individual consumers are only going to buy or sell a limited number of properties — and may be completing those handful of real estate transactions years or even decades apart.

In order to support your business, then, it is essential to continuously develop relationships with new clients.

We had our data scientists dig into the numbers to see what successful agents are doing differently.

We found that agents who have three closed deals every month tend to take three simple but effective actions. These agents:

  1. Know their area and consumers
  2. Request reviews
  3. Prioritize lead generation

Returning clients won’t be enough to sustain your business. If you want to have new, ready-to-transact leads every month, use this guide to learn about the strategies successful agents use to earn new clients — and how Homesnap can help with each of them.

1. Know Your Area and Stay in Contact with Consumers

Based on our data, agents who are committed to earning new clients must know the area in which they work and the desires and needs of local consumers.

Our data team found that agents with three or more transactions per month use Homesnap Pro to search for properties or zip codes about twice as much as agents with less than three transactions.

Also, we found that agents who do three or more transactions per month send double the number of messages through Homesnap Pro to consumers than less successful agents.

In some ways, it’s no surprise that cultivating knowledge of your local real estate market and relationships with the people who want to buy or sell in it correlates with having more clients.

But our data is certainly a good confirmation for Homesnap Pro agents. Agents can use Homesnap Pro to search for up-to-date property listings in their area, and can keep close tabs on broader real estate trends in their zip code.

Homesnap Pro agents also have an easier time developing relationships with their clients, thanks to the built-in messaging feature, which keeps a centralized record of all the homes you discuss with a client.

The agents who earn new clients seek information and engage with clients. With Homesnap Pro, you’ll save time and stress doing both.

2. Request Reviews

In real estate, having endorsements from existing clients is a key to attracting new clients.

According to our data, agents with three or more real estate deals closed per month requested about double the number of client reviews that active agents with fewer than three closed deals did.

It’s no wonder that agents who send out more review requests are closing more deals. In order to receive reviews, agents must have a Google business profile, which appears above Google search and Google maps. After agents create a verified Google business profile and solicit reviews, their profiles receive move exposure on searches such as “real estate agents near me,” which are a gold mine for agents who want new business.

Homesnap Pro+ Google business profile verification

Also, having strong reviews indicates strong agent credibility, so that when high-intent leads view your profile, they see proof of your positive reputation and real estate bonafides, and are more likely to choose you as their agent.

The importance of Google reviews is why Homesnap created the One-Click Review Tool. Included as part of an upgraded Homesnap Pro+ membership, the One-Click Review Tool provides agents the opportunity to invite clients, colleagues, and personal connections to leave reviews on Google with just one click.

One click review homesnap pro+

You don’t have to worry about time-consuming texts and emails or awkward phone conversations in order to solicit reviews. Instead, become a Homesnap Pro+ agent. Then, use the One-Click Review Tool to request reviews from your fellow agents, clients, and other real estate contacts.

3. Prioritize Lead Generation

Deals come from clients, and clients come from leads.

So we weren’t surprised when our data scientists crunched the numbers and found that agents who close three or more deals per month generate on average about five new leads per month.

If agents want to have ready-to-transact clients, they need to prioritize lead generation. Fortunately, Homesnap can help agents pursue lead generation activities that work.

As we’ve already covered, Homesnap Pro+’s One-Click Review Tool simplifies the process of requesting Google reviews. And once you start receiving Google reviews, you can use Homesnap Concierge to ramp up your lead generation.

Homesnap Concierge agents generate twice the number of leads their non-Concierge counterparts do. Concierge’s effectiveness comes from managed ad campaigns on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and live phone calls from leads via Google’s Local Services Ads, which appear at the top of Google search results pages, above paid and organic results.

Our in-house Concierge marketing team will vet every call, making sure that you only spend time on the phone with the most qualified, ready to buy or sell leads.

As a Homesnap Concierge agent, all you have to do is pick up the phone when it rings. There very well may be a new client on the other end.

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