Few or No Google Reviews? Say Goodbye to New Business.

Few or No Google Reviews? Say Goodbye to New Business.

Imagine you’re an agent with a strong reputation in your community. Past clients who enjoyed working with you will recommend your real estate services to their friends. However, a single word-of-mouth referral doesn’t guarantee you new business. 

Now, people who are referred to you will go straight to Google. They search for you to read what others have to say. If they see just a few or no reviews of your services, that’s an immediate red flag. Why would they hire you as their agent if no one is willing to vouch for you? There goes new business.

Homesnap Pro Plus

The solution — amassing positive Google reviews — seems easy. But in practice, it requires consistency and follow-through, making it a time-consuming task for agents who don’t have Homesnap Pro+. Agents who are Pro+ members are able to strengthen their online reputation faster and win new business more consistently with instant Google Business Profile verification and the One-Click Review Tool

How Pro+ verifies your profile

The first step in getting Google reviews is to apply for a verified Google Business Profile. This is the business listing that shows up on the right side of search results when someone searches for your name or a related term like “local real estate agents.” Your Google Business Profile is where your Google reviews ratings are hosted, in addition to your contact information, a description of your services, relevant photos, and other details that demonstrate your real estate expertise.

Pro+ accelerates the application process by working with Google to get your profile verified instantly. We use the information we have on hand from your MLS and brokerage to fill in the details of your profile, publish photos, and optimize the content around relevant real estate searches. Then, you’re ready to start generating positive reviews that will impress referrals. 

How Pro+ helps you get Google reviews

Requesting reviews manually is a time-consuming process. You have to draft the right message, personalize it for each contact, check later to see who hasn’t followed through, and then reach out occasionally to ask again. Pro+ helps agents reduce all these steps into a single action with the One-Click Review Tool.

This Pro+ feature makes it significantly easier to consistently generate new, positive reviews on Google. With the One Click Review Tool, you can easily send a review request to some or all of the contacts in your Homesnap account. After that single click, no other action is needed from you. This time-saving tool automates up to three follow-up messages to ensure you get as many Google reviews as possible. The next time a referral searches for you, they’ll be impressed by what they find on your Google Business Profile.

Bonus of Pro+ 

Getting dozens of online reviews will do more than impress referrals and prospects. Google will reward you, too. When profiles perform well and meet Google’s high standards, the algorithm will start prioritizing them over competitor profiles that are not as strong

However, it’s important to note that the strength of your profile also relies on the recency of other original content, like posts and photos. Pro+ keeps your profile up to date with your latest listings and deals, as well as real estate content that’s relevant to your market. This is another feature of Pro+ that optimizes your profile for more prominent placement on Google.

The combination of current content and regular reviews is a powerful one. It signals to Google that your profile is worth sharing. That means when people search for a term like “real estate agents near me,” you’ll rank above others and garner attention your competitors lack.

Start impressing referrals with positive reviews and outranking other agents on Google. Pro+ will accelerate your timeline with instant profile verification, a completed and published profile, and access to the time-saving One-Click Review Tool. Within the first 3-6 months of upgrading to Pro+, agents typically experience up to a 22x improvement in search results placement. Imagine how much stronger your referral business will be by that time.