The Snapshot #100: Marketing A Referral Business

The Snapshot #100: Marketing A Referral Business

We welcome Marguerite (Giguere) Martin – our first guest ever – back to the podcast for our 100th episode!

Marguerite still works for Windermere Professional Partners in Tacoma, Washington, but she’s on sabbatical and focusing her business on referrals – attracting clients and matchmaking them with other agents.

You’ll learn:

1. How Marguerite changed her marketing to attract referral business.

2. Why agents need to up their content game.

3. What people want from local content.

4. How Marguerite’s blog fuels her referral business.

5. Which digital marketing tactics Marguerite is using now.

Links mentioned:

Move To Tacoma blog

Get What You Want blog 

You can listen to this episode here, or on iTunes or Stitcher.