The Snapshot #30: Using Snapchat To Train & Recruit Agents

The Snapshot #30: Using Snapchat To Train & Recruit Agents

We talk to Michael Meier of boutique NYC brokerage Meier Real Estate about using Snapchat to recruit and educate real estate agents and help improve communication in the industry.

You’ll learn:

1) About Michael’s snapucations (real estate education in 6 snaps or less) and how he is connecting with other agents and raising the bar in the industry.

2) Why Snapchat is so uniquely powerful for building relationships.

3) How Michael figures out what to post in the morning.

4) What Michael gets out of this Snapchat activity.

5) How to use Facebook Live to educate clients.

6) How to repurpose Snapchat content on other platforms.

7) The more raw the content, the better the engagement. If you’re not uncomfortable at least some of the time you’re using Snapchat, you’re not doing it right.

Links mentioned:

Michael Meier Facebook (meiergroupnyc)

Michael Meier Snapchat





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