Homesnap Pro+ Membership Overview

Homesnap Pro+ Membership Overview

Being a Homesnap Pro+ member has its perks — here’s what every Homesnap Pro+ membership includes:

1. Google business profile verification and management

What does it mean why we say we’ll verify and manage your Google business profile? “Verify” means that Google has confirmed you’re the person you say you are, at the address you say you’re at. We’re a Premier Google Partner, and we’ll help you with that.

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“Manage” is the key to boosting your ranking in Google and showing up in more search results. We’ll automate posts for you, help you solicit reviews from clients, and keep your profile active and up-to-date so you build trust with Google (and prospects!).

A verified Google business profile should be the foundation of every real estate agent’s digital marketing plan. You want to make sure clients have no problem finding you on Google, accessing your contact information, and seeing you’re a reputable agent who they want to work with.

You also want to build a strong relationship with Google. Google prioritizes its engaged, verified profile owners on Google search and maps. Getting that top billing is important for gaining a competitive edge in your market, especially as Google searches have become more hyperlocal.

Remember: Customers are 3x more likely to consider a business reputable if they have a verified, complete Google business profile.

2. Get Boosted on and Homesnap are now part of the same family at CoStar Group, so agents with a Pro+ membership have a boosted profile on

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With a boosted profile, Pro+ agents get an enriched presence on the highly-trafficked agent search directory.

Pro+ members have their profile enhanced with Google reviews, review ratings, and agent stories. This way, buyers and sellers can identify Pro+ agents as top-tier, ready-for-business professionals.

Overall, by being boosted on, Pro+ agents:

  1. Reach a high volume of high-intent consumers
  2. Showcase their reputation with an enriched agent profile
  3. Earn more leads

3. Custom real estate website for your business

A personalized real estate website is included in your Pro+ membership. It has a simplified, elegant layout that prominently features your brand across every page and is powered by Homesnap Search. This is a much more cost-effective website solution, and you can claim a new domain or transfer your existing domain in minutes – saving you both time and money.

Your real estate website will be optimized for lead capture, with lead-generation forms across the website and individual listings. There are also powerful real estate search features like a CMA generator, mortgage calculator, and Search By Commute that will impress consumers.

Who's Viewed My Profile and Listings Homesnap

4. Who’s Viewed My Listings & Profile

Who’s Viewed allows you to see how many consumers have viewed your listings in the last 90 days, as well as how many agents have viewed your profile and listings in the last 90 days. As a Pro+ member, you can see who those agents are, sort them by productivity, and send them messages in one tap.

This functionality makes it even easier for agents to get feedback from buyers’ agents, prove their value to sellers by sharing viewership stats, expand their networks and get a better understanding of their digital presence.

You can also toggle on and off private mode to protect your privacy when viewing other agents’ profiles and listings (similar to LinkedIn).

5. Enhanced Homesnap agent profile

We’ll sync your Google business profile with your Homesnap agent profile, so it’s enhanced with the information that impresses and converts prospects.

Potential clients will see a “verified” badge that confirms you’re a verified agent on Google, your overall Google review rating, your Google reviews, and links to view you on Google and Google Maps.

Prospects can also see your business hours, business description, photos, and posts, all pulled directly from your Google business profile to provide potential clients with more information about you.

6. Search for Seller Leads & More

Homesnap Pro+ members enjoy exclusive access to homeowner demographic data and social media profiles (when applicable), including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These will be extremely helpful as you prospect for seller leads inside Homesnap Pro.

You also have four additional heatmaps and off-market filters to search for seller leads in Homesnap: Distressed, Ownership Type, Home Equity, and Loan Balance.

7. Custom lead pages for your listings

Every time you have a listing, we’ll generate a custom lead page that you can use for all your marketing needs. The professionally designed page will impress your sellers and generate new buyer leads.

Share your custom lead page directly on social media, or copy the link to use it in other marketing materials. Custom lead pages are a time-saver, but they also ensure you have instant access to an optimized lead-gen tool.

8. One-click review collection tool

Google reviews are one of the most important pieces of cracking the Google puzzle, so we’ve made it easier for you to collect new reviews from clients, colleagues and family members. You simply enter an email address or choose someone you’re connected with via Homesnap, and we’ll send an email asking for them to rate and review you on Google. 

Our data show that Homesnap Pro+ agents with at least one Google review get 122% more calls, texts, and website visits, and they appear in nearly twice as many Google searches. Using the one-click review collection tool is an easy and efficient way to continue boosting your Google performance. 

9. Shortcut to access Flashback Photos

With Flashback Photos, you can instantly unlock unseen listing photos to get better context for a property’s history — valuable for buyer and listing agents alike.


Curious about a current listing’s recent renovations, strengths and weaknesses? Want to get important insights for a listing presentation based on what a property looked like last time it listed? Uncover all of the above — and impress buyers and sellers — with the click of a button with Flashback Photos.

10. Sell homes faster with Sell Speed

Want to know the ideal listing price to quickly sell a home? Demonstrate to your client how a change in price affects days on market? Ensure you’re the type of agent who always delivers the best deal?

Sell Speed is a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm, composed of hundreds of up-to-the-minute real estate market data points, that predicts how quickly a home will sell at various price points. Homesnap Pro agents can use Sell Speed on their listings or any off-market property, and Homesnap Pro+ agents can also add Sell Speed to any available active listing (provided the listing agent has not hidden it).

Use Sell Speed to help clients set realistic goals and expectations or arm yourself in buyer negotiations and get a fair market offer for your

Overall, Homesnap Pro+ strengthens your online reputation and helps you better prospect for new clients. Upgrade to Pro+ today, win more business, impress you clients, and become your market’s go-to agent.

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