Why Google Reviews Are Crucial for Real Estate Agents

Why Google Reviews Are Crucial for Real Estate Agents

Great Google reviews aren’t just a nice-to-have — they’re essential to converting prospects into clients.

With 92% of buyers starting their home search online, prospects are going to be looking for Google reviews that verify you’re a quality real estate agent.

To build that trust, you want your smiling face to appear at the top of their Google search results. And, you want to greet them with a great Google business profile, high Google rating and plenty of excellent reviews from past clients.

Here are four reasons why Google reviews are crucial for real estate agents:

1. Your prospects will Google you

Think about it: Do you ever book a service without first looking up the company on Google? Probably not very often. Even if you get a recommendation from a family member or a trusted friend, Google is the first place you go to confirm that recommendation is trustworthy.

So, it stands to reason:

Even if a prospect gets your name from a friend or coworker, they’re going to type your name into Google to look for and read your reviews, too.

2. Google reviews are the most trustworthy

Because Google reviews link back to a real person with a real Google account, it’s tougher for people to leave anonymous reviews. Google won’t let you delete negative reviews, either. That means prospects trust that Google reviews are authentic, compared to other sites without as much transparency.

3. Good Google reviews matter more than a good website

We know you spent time and money on your website, but people see your reviews before they see your website. And if they can’t easily find reviews, they’ll probably stop looking for you and your website.

You’ve got to think of Google search results as your true storefront. Customers on Google are window shopping in the form of scrolling, so what will compel them to click? Seeing great reviews signals to them that you’re a professional, knowledgeable real estate expert.

4. Good Google reviews matter (almost) as much as personal referrals

A recent Brightlocal study shows that 85% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Think about what that means:

Even if someone’s cousin insists that you’re awesome, a prospect might not reach out to you if they can’t find any Google reviews for you.

It also means that when a prospect stumbles across your name and sees awesome Google reviews, they’ll reach out to you with the same level of confidence as if they’d gotten your name from a friend.

Additionally, you probably won’t be the only referral that someone receives — so you’ll want to have that Google presence and plenty of Google reviews so you look more professional than the competition.

5. Google reviews show you’re an active agent

We’ve established that Google reviews are important because Google is the first place prospects will look to confirm you’re a professional, well-rated agent. And, they’re important because prospects will land on Google before they land on your website. Prospects trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

But, reviews also show that you’re an active agent.

You want Google reviews that are recent so prospects won’t wonder if you’ve become inactive. Or worse, that your recent clients have been unhappy.

That means you should be asking every client for a review, so prospects can see that you’ve got a steady stream of clients with positive things to say about you. A home purchase is a huge life event, so former clients will be more than happy to recommend you if they had a good experience. Remember, a good review is probably what led them to you in the first place!

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