Want 2X More Leads on Your Listings? Join Homesnap Concierge

Want 2X More Leads on Your Listings? Join Homesnap Concierge

Top real estate agents know that no marketing strategy is more important than lead generation. That’s why we developed an advertising solution that focuses on hot leads, and our latest findings confirm it’s working: Over the past year, agents averaged more than twice as many leads if they were Homesnap Concierge members.

Our data team also discovered that the lead generation gap between Concierge and non-Concierge agents widened throughout the course of 2021. In September, the average Concierge agent averaged close to five times more leads on listings.

How does Concierge deliver for members? Why are Concierge agents receiving so many more leads than their non-Concierge counterparts?

Concierge doubles agents’ leads by:

  • Delivering live phone calls from hot leads via Google’s Local Services Ads
  • Giving agents access to an in-house marketing team and professionally designed ads
  • Adapting campaigns to evolving digital marketing best practices

Let’s dive into exactly how agents can master digital marketing by using Homesnap Concierge to get double the number of leads their competitors do.

Live Phone Calls via Google’s Local Services Ads

When people start looking for real estate agents, their first port of call is likely to be Google. The question for agents, then, is how to be the first person that someone sees at the top of Google search results. The answer: Homesnap Concierge, which has a unique relationship with Google’s Local Services Ads that delivers members live phone calls from high-intent leads.

Concierge helps members become “Google Screened” and appear in a Google’s Local Services ad above traditional paid search ads and search results.

Searchers can easily toggle to your profile, call the listed number, and buy or sell a home with you as their agent.

The Concierge team will vet every call from Google’s Local Services Ads to ensure that the leads you receive are qualified and ready to buy or sell. To get as many leads as possible, you should continuously solicit Google reviews and make sure that you answer your phone — that call may be from a hot lead!

Access to an In-House Marketing Team

Marketing can be complicated.

For an agent, trying to launch, manage, optimize, and track a slew of digital advertising campaigns single handedly may become confusing, time-consuming, and ineffective.

Instead, agents can use Concierge, which creates professionally designed ads that attract consumer interest. Concierge also runs ads around the clock for each of an agent’s listings, ensuring that listings receive attention on a range of platforms, including Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

The time and expertise necessary to design and optimize so many ads on a range of platforms is hard to come by. Agents who try to do all this themselves are likely to garner fewer leads than agents who outsource it to the digital marketing experts at Concierge.

Adapting to Changes in Digital Marketing

With more than 90% of real estate searches starting online, having digital marketing savvy has never been more important.

At the same time, digital marketing is becoming more nuanced and complex. For example, last-click attribution has been replaced by data-driven attribution, a major change for agents who use Google Ads to generate leads.

Concierge provides members an in-house team of professional marketers who are able to navigate the shifting digital marketing ecosystem. In particular, our in-house team is able to track ad campaigns and respond in real-time to ensure that Concierge members’ advertisements are optimized to reach high-intent leads.

As the digital marketing landscape changes, agents who are committed to generating leads should should use Homesnap Concierge.