How Are Homesnap Agents Laying the Groundwork for a Successful Year?

How Are Homesnap Agents Laying the Groundwork for a Successful Year?

Traditionally, the winter is a slower time for real estate sales. But top agents don’t sit on their hands during January and February.

Instead, high-performing agents spend the winter laying the groundwork necessary to achieve a spring and summer full of sales and satisfied clients.

We asked three top Homesnap Pro+ agents what they are doing to ensure they have a productive and successful 2022.

Homesnap Pro+

In general, our agents told us that they are using real estate technology and marketing strategies to educate prospective clients about the market, earn leads, and close the best deals possible.

1. Helping Homeowners Understand the Value of Their Home

Hugo Quintanilla, an agent at Long and Foster in Rockville, MD, has focused his early year efforts on ensuring that homeowners understand their property’s value.

“Many people don’t realize how much home values have gone up over the last 2 years,” Quintanilla said. “For a successful 2022, my groundwork has consisted of calling, emailing, and setting up appointments to talk to more homeowners about the equity in their homes.”

Quintanilla is aware that prospecting for clients means more than just generally marketing his brand – targeting specific areas, neighborhoods, and individual homes raises the odds of finding new clients.

As a Pro+ agent, Quintanilla has access to heatmaps and filters that make it easier to identify which homeowners are likely to sell, based on factors such as home equity, whether a property is owner-occupied, or if a property is distressed.

By identifying and targeting these leads, Quintanilla believes he is executing both a short- and long-term strategy, simultaneously identifying more immediate clients who want to sell their home and establishing a broader base of credibility and visibility in his local area. “Letting people know you’re in the real estate business is the best way to have a successful year,” Quintanilla said.

2. Connecting With Clients in Real Time

For Ramal Jenkins, the goal for 2022 is to be efficient.

“I’ve integrated fresh technology into my everyday routine,” said Jenkins, an agent with Douglas Realty in Annapolis, MD. “Becoming more efficient with my business is a priority so that I can spend as much time as possible connecting with clients in real time.”

So far, Jenkins has practiced efficiency by buying listing ads through Homesnap, which automates a marketing process other agents perform manually.

Jenkins says that the features included in his Pro+ membership are a significant boon to his efficiency – verifying his Google Business Profile, helping him build a personally branded website, and making soliciting reviews as simple as one click.

So far, integrating listing ads and Pro+ into his routine has served Jenkins well. He’s already closed on the sale of one home and has two other offers he expects to ratify in the next week.

3. Optimizing Social Media, Video, and Agent Website

Sometimes, the most prudent way for agents to lay the groundwork for a successful year involves taking the time to invest in their overall business.

Robert Blase of LUX Realty in Denver, CO, has started the year by working on videos, his social media presence, and an updated agent website.

Blase believes that by optimizing his digital presence, he will be more likely to reach potential clients who want to learn more about the real estate market.

“Educating individuals about all facets of real estate is extremely important,” Blase said. “So many people have questions about real estate, and a strong digital presence allows me to hear those questions and answer them.”

As a Pro+ member, Blase has advantages in building his digital presence. Like all Pro+ agents, his membership comes with a complimentary, professional, personalized website. Plus, every time he has a new listing, Pro+ will create a custom listing page for him to post on social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter.

As Blase continues to optimize his online presence in early 2022, he will be able to answer more questions from consumers, turn those consumers into leads, and convert those leads into clients.