Why Homesnap Pro+ Has Been Dubbed the Amazon Prime of Real Estate

Why Homesnap Pro+ Has Been Dubbed the Amazon Prime of Real Estate

Comparing Amazon Prime to Homesnap Pro+ may seem pretty lofty.  But allow us to explain why it’s an apt analogy:

Amazon Prime offers a collection of benefits that, together, satisfy every need or want a member could have. Subscribers can order groceries for delivery in under two hours. Cook dinner with the kitchen utensils they bought at a discount on Prime Day. Settle in after their meal and watch original programming on Amazon Prime’s streaming service. And then, before bed, read a New York Times’ bestseller on their Kindle Paperwhite.  Virtually everything and anything members could ever need on a day-to-day basis is readily accessible at little more than a click of a button.

Homesnap Pro+ is built upon that same principle of ease-of-use, consistency and convenience.

With Pro+, agents get access to a bundle of products and services that aid them in taking a holistic approach to their digital marketing.  They’ll be empowered to build a consistent, wide-reaching, and credible presence across the web—from social media to search engines, home-search portals and business websites—on one platform.

What’s included in Homesnap Pro+ and how each feature works to improve your digital marketing 

Google Business Profile Verification, Optimization and Management 

As an established Google Premier Partner, Homesnap Pro+ can instantly verify, manage, and optimize your Google Business Profile for you. We’ll take all the guesswork, technical know-how, and general head-scratchers out of managing a Google Profile. We’ll help you claim your profile and load it with your photos, listings, contact information and regularly optimize your profile’s performance, so you can boost your appearance search results—by as much as 5,000%. Then, we’ll send you regular performance reports so you track your progress toward becoming a top, sought-after agent in your area every step of the way.

Why does this matter?

Today’s consumers don’t search for specific agents, but for more broad terms like “best real estate agent” or “top-rated agents near me.” Because of this, Google has to decide what results to display—it has to determine which businesses most accurately reflect the users’ search parameters and are therefore most likely to satisfy the query.

The more information Google has about a business, the more likely it is to recommend it (i.e., rank it higher in search results) to its users. In years past, this could have been accomplished by SEO (content on blogs, websites, social media, etc.).

Now, though, Google has changed the game.  Google wants businesses to provide the information it needs to make a decision directly to Google. Put simply: Google wants you to use a Google product (the Google business profile) to rank high on Google search.  

Homesnap recently ran a study that traced the growth of our customers using Homesnap Pro+ to verify, manage, and optimize their Google business profiles and found the following results:

  • After three months, customers increased their appearance in searches 380%
  • After six months, customers  increased their appearance in searches 1,037%
  • After one year, customers  increased their appearance in searches 3,087%
  • After a year and a half, customers increased their appearance in searches 5,037%

Real Estate Websites

Homesnap Pro+ Real Estate Websites are professionally developed, personally branded, and powered by Homesnap Search. They enable you to establish a credible, lead-generating online presence in minutes, not weeks—and are ready to go live with little more than a click of a button—at a fraction of the cost of traditional website builds. 

These professionally designed websites include:

  • A simplified, elegant layout that prominently features your preferred web address name and brand across all pages
  • A built-in search portal powered by Homesnap, featuring the most accurate, real-time data in the industry
  • Powerful, lead-generating real estate tools built-right in that consumers love.

Why does this matter?

Real estate agent websites are important for obvious reasons, but Homesnap Pro+ Real Estate Websites offer agents a modern, fully customizable solution. You’ll never have to worry about upkeep, maintenance, or outages because Homesnap will handle all of the backend management for you.

And because a Homesnap Pro+ Real Estate Website comes as part of your membership, you’ll save hundreds of dollars each year on third-party hosting and management fees—meaning your Homesnap Pro+ subscription practically pays for itself.   We’ll even migrate your existing website and domain name at no additional cost.

One-Click Review Tool

The One-Click Review Tool is designed to make it easier than ever for agents to invite clients, colleagues, and personal connections to leave reviews on Google. No more calling or texting asking for a positive review on Google.  No more awkward conversations. Simply add the person’s email address or click on a Homesnap contact, and we’ll instantly send an email on your behalf asking them to leave a positive review.

With the One-Click Review Tool, agents receive a positive review for every 2.6 review requests they send, which is 3X more often than the industry average. And agents who’ve used the One-Click Review Tool regularly (five or more times) had an average lifetime review rating of 4.95. Those who didn’t? Their rating averaged out to just 1.5.

Why does this matter?

You know reviews are important for your reputation, but clients aren’t particularly motivated to leave positive reviews without a nudge. Not only does the One-Click Review Tool help you get those positive reviews you need to win more business, but it will also boost your overall search rankings. 

 According to our data scientists:

  • Agents with an average review rating of 4.0 or better on Google appear in 350% more Google searches than agents with an average review rating of 0-3.
  • Agents with a 4.0 average review rating on Google received 300% more actions (calls, texts, website views, and direction requests) than those with a review rating of 0-3.
  • The more reviews an agent has, the better they perform in search, views, and actions.

The only problem? The impact of positive reviews tends to diminish over time: Without at least one review every 90 days, the above benefits decrease by about 50%.  So, you need to make sure your reviews are constantly up to date.

Advanced Off-Market Search Filters 

Are you familiar with our heatmaps and off-market search filters, like Likelihood to List, that are available to agents right now as part of their Homesnap Pro membership (which is included as part of your MLS subscription)? 

Homesnap Pro+ unlocks additional advanced features, so you can dig even deeper on the status of off-market properties. These include:  Distressed Information, Ownership Type, Home Equity, Loan Balance, and Consumer Demographics (which includes age, gender, marital status, income, and number of children, as well as social media information.) 

Why does this matter?

As prospecting gets harder and harder and in-person canvassing takes a backseat in a pandemic world, being able to zero in on properties likely to hit the market before they do can be a huge boon for agents. In short, if you’re looking for a more strategic way to discover listings before your competition, Homesnap’s Off-Market Search Filters are some of the best tools available to do it.

Enhanced Agent Profiles 

With a Homesnap Pro+ membership, you’ll have an enhanced version of our agent profile page. We’ll populate new sections to your profile such as your Google reviews, content posts, business details, and more. We’ll include a blue checkmark badge on your profile photo that highlights you’re a verified, credible agent. 

Why does this matter?

Trust, as you know, is integral to agent-client relationships.  An enhanced agent profile lets the 1,000,000+ users of the Homesnap Search Portal know you’re a credible, professional, and recommended agent.

Who’s Viewed My Listings & Profile

Homesnap Pro+ includes Who’s Viewed My Listings & Profile. Who’s Viewed allows you to see how many consumers have viewed your listings in the last 90 days, as well as which how many agents have viewed your profile and listings in the last 90 days. 

Why does this matter?

By using the Who’s Viewed feature, you can connect with interested buyers, report back to sellers how many agents and clients have viewed their listing, and monitor your growing business and understand how your digital presence is changing over time.

Custom Lead Pages

With Homesnap Pro+’s Custom Lead Pages, you’ll get instant access to an optimized lead-gen tool. When you have a listing, we’ll generate a custom lead page that you can use for all your marketing needs, from listing pages to social media and other marketing materials.

Why does this matter?

Not only will these professionally designed pages impress your sellers, they’ll also help you save time while ensuring you’re optimizing lead generation.  They’re branded to you and purpose-built to encourage prospects to provide personal information you can use to get in touch.

NEW Sell Speed

Like Amazon Prime, we’re constantly adding new features, and Sell Speed is the latest edition to the Homesnap Pro+ bundle.

Currently in beta, Sell Speed is a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm, composed of hundreds of up-to-the-minute real estate market data points, that predicts how quickly a home will sell at various price points. Homesnap Pro agents can use Sell Speed on their listings or any off-market property, and Homesnap Pro+ agents can also add Sell Speed to any available active listing*.

Why does this matter?

Sell Speed takes the guesswork out of determining an asking price or making an offer for a property on behalf of a client. Use Sell Speed to help clients set realistic goals and expectations or arm yourself in buyer negotiations and get a fair market offer for your clients.

Bottom Line

Homesnap Pro+, like Prime, provides members access to a collection of benefits that seamlessly work together to make agents’ lives easier. No more piecemeal tactics. No more disparate platforms or lack of a cohesive strategy. Just everything an agent could ever need to bolster awareness, enhance credibility, and generate more leads—all in one place.

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