The Google Success Checklist for Real Estate Agents

The Google Success Checklist for Real Estate Agents

Google is among the most important resources for buyers and sellers during their real estate journey. And when consumers search Google for real estate services, they are inclined to trust agents who appear at the top and have an eye-catching Google Business Profile.

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Appearing polished, professional, and at the top of Google Search results indicates that you’re a reputable agent who is ready to do business. But how can you make this happen? Learn how a simple two-part checklist, courtesy of Homesnap Pro+, helps you reach a high-intent audience and win new business on Google.

Step 1: Upgrade to Homesnap Pro+

The first step to Google success is upgrading to Homesnap Pro+. Here’s why:

  1. Pro+ automatically verifies your Google Business Profile and populates it with information from your Homesnap profile, such as. That includes your contact information, working hours, business description, and professional photos and videos. Verifying and completing your own Google Business takes weeks and costs you hours. Instead, let Pro+ get it done instantly.
  2. Pro+ makes it easier for you to complete the second part of the checklist: Getting positive Google reviews.

Step 2: Get Positive Google Reviews

Having a complete, verified Google Business Profile is great. But you’ll want that snazzy online business card to appear in front of consumers. And that’s why Google reviews are essential.

Google gives precedence to Business Profiles with positive, plentiful reviews, since they indicate a reputable, trustworthy business deserving of consumers’ consideration

Getting reviews isn’t a one-time thing, though. Don’t expect to binge-request your reviews all at once, and then spend years coasting on them. Google wants you to receive new reviews on a regular basis to prove that you’re still in business and consistently making clients happy.

So, how does Homesnap Pro+ help? Simple: Pro+ makes getting reviews a quicker, more integrated part of your workflow. Instead of spending hours mass spamming your contacts for reviews, you can use the One-Click Review Tool to send review requests at the right moment.

One click review homesnap pro+

When’s the right time to request a review? There are plenty, such as after your clients close, when you check in with past clients, when you’re networking with peers, or when you’re talking to friends or family about your real estate business.  

With the One-Click Review Tool, you can send reviews at all of these moments, with the quick tap of a finger. Once you hit send, your contact will receive a nice message with a link to leave you a review. Then, the One Click Review Tool will keep track of whether that person has left a review. If not, the One-Click Review Tool will send up to 3 follow-up emails to remind them – saving you the time and hassle of following up.

This simple two-step process – upgrading to Pro+ and using the One-Click Review Tool – will help you soar to the top of Google and win new business. Get started today by joining Homesnap Pro+.