Why Google is Your Most Valuable Referral Network

Why Google is Your Most Valuable Referral Network

As a real estate agent, an important component of your success is a strong referral network that includes friends, family, colleagues, and past and current clients. But as well-connected and supportive of a network as you might have, it pales in comparison to the reach and authority of Google.

High-intent buyers and sellers turn to Google when they need real estate services, and they place a high value on the top results. In fact, more than 25% of people don’t look past the first organic search result. Do you have a plan for appearing at the top of relevant Google searches?

Homesnap Pro+

Homesnap Pro+ helps real estate agents rank prominently in Google search results and demonstrate a strong reputation that convinces buyers and sellers to get in touch. Learn how Pro+ will help you leverage Google as your most powerful referral network and win more business.

Get Noticed on Google

Nowadays, you need more than a real estate website to attract attention in Google search results – although having a great website always helps. To stand out from your competitors, you need a complete and fully-verified Google Business Profile. 

Your Google Business Profile is the business listing that appears at the top of search results when someone searches for your name or a term such as “local real estate agents.” It contains all the pertinent information that a buyer or seller would need to know about you, like contact details, business hours, a business description, photos and videos of your current listings, your business reviews and a rating, measured out of 5 stars.


Homesnap Pro+ Google business profile verification

Your Google Business Profile doesn’t just appear, of course. You’ll need to verify your identity with Google – a process that can take weeks – and spend valuable time building out your profile once you’re approved. 

Pro+ speeds up this process for agents with instant verification and profile creation, using up-to-date information from your Homesnap Pro account. This way, when buyers and sellers search your name online, an endorsement from Google appears: You are a verified, legitimate business provider who is ready to do business – not some schmuck off the street who isn’t ready for prime time.

Get Referred by Google

Not everyone searches for real estate agents by name, of course. In fact, many people use broad terms like “real estate agents near me.” Do you know how Google decides who deserves a top ranking? Positive reviews. 

Our research has found that reviews are the most important aspect of your profile because they help consumers and Google understand your level of expertise and whether others would recommend your real estate services.

If many people supply you with positive, plentiful reviews, you will rank prominently in search results for a greater number of real estate-related queries because Google views you as a trusted local expert. On the other hand, an agent profile that doesn’t have any reviews or even too many negative reviews signals to Google that consumers  are not willing to vouch for your services, so Google will not rank you competitively. 

Generating favorable reviews is, therefore, a critical next step after your Google Business Profile is verified. But requesting reviews is time-consuming, and so is checking who has left you a review and following up with the individuals who haven’t. Pro+ solves this headache, too, by enabling you to efficiently gather positive reviews with the One-Click Review Tool.

One click review homesnap pro+

The One-Click Review Tool is integrated with your Homesnap profile, so all of your contacts are accessible in one place. After you send a review request, the One-Click Review Tool keeps track of who has left you a review and sends up to three follow-up messages to those who haven’t. This ensures you get the maximum amount of positive reviews without taking your attention away from more pressing matters, like helping your clients find and purchase their dream home, or sell their existing home at a competitive price. 

As you build a strong collection of positive reviews on your business profile, Google will start recognizing you as a trusted local expert and reward you with prominent placement in search results. Grow your organic reach, establish Google as your premier referral network, and win more business by upgrading to Homesnap Pro+ today.