How Can You Create Demand For Your Listings?

How Can You Create Demand For Your Listings?

As interest rates rise, demand for homes shows indications of cooling. We’ve talked to agents whose listings are receiving 5 or 10 offers on a property that a year ago would have received 20 or more.

This is still a good time to sell a home, but to boost buyer interest and get the best possible offer for your client, you need to broaden exposure for your listings. That means effectively promoting your real estate expertise and services online.

Homesnap Pro Plus

By establishing yourself as a local real estate expert, you’ll garner more attention from buyers and sellers and, as a result, more exposure for the properties you represent. Other agents will take notice, too, and view your listings more favorably. After all, top agents want to work with other top agents.

Homesnap Pro+ helps agents increase their exposure and build their reputation on the online platform that matters the most: Google. Google is the most popular platform for buyers and sellers to conduct their real estate searches. That means a Google Business Profile with positive reviews offers the strongest potential for reaching your target audience and developing a reputation of being a top, trustworthy agent. Learn how a strong Google presence will create more demand for your listings – and how Homesnap Pro+ will help.

Top Agents Are Associated With Top Listings

Repetition is a powerful marketing tool. Think about your own life: When you constantly see or hear about the same product or brand, you perceive it to be popular, credible, and in demand. The same is true in real estate. Buyers, sellers, and other agents have more reason to take you seriously if you show up prominently in search results and have listings that generate buzz.

If you’re a Homesnap Pro+ agent, consumers will discover you on Google, and they’ll like what they see, making it more likely that you’ll win listings and bring a sense of legitimacy to the ones you already represent.

To start, Pro+ instantly verifies and optimizes your Google Business Profile. The Google Business Profile is the large information box that shows up prominently in search results for businesses or service providers such as real estate agents. The profile appears on the right side of the page on desktop and at the top of mobile results. Your Google Business Profile comes complete with contact information, a link to your website, photos, a business description and, most importantly, reviews. 

Reviews are the next piece of the puzzle. They give people an idea of what it’s like to work with you – and indicate the quality of your home listings. The more positive reviews you have on your profile, the more Google considers you trustworthy, and worth serving at the top of results for search queries such as “real estate agents near me.”

Pro+ helps agents get more reviews faster with the One-Click Review Tool. The One-Click Review Tool simplifies review generation by enabling you to email a review request to all your contacts in just a single click. That’s all it takes – no awkward phone calls or time-consuming emails. Plus, the One-Click Review Tool automates up to 3 follow-up reminders to those who you’ve asked for a review but have not yet provided one.

By generating positive reviews, you’ll build a strong reputation on Google. In the long run, being your market’s go-to agent means more than just winning new business. It means that the listings you do earn will, by dint of your reputation, receive more attention from consumers and fellow agents. This enables you to sell homes at a higher price, and results in happier clients.

Top Agents’ Listings Get More Attention

In a market that shows signs of returning to the pre-COVID normal, promoting your listings is once again essential. For Pro+ agents with a verified Google Business Profile and positive, plentiful Google reviews, this process is easier.

Your high Google ranking and strong, positive reviews on your Google Business Profile will attract people at the start of their real estate journey. When they come to you for home -buying advice, you’ll have listings ready to show them. And when your name is known around town, your listings will be considered more desirable.

The residential real estate market may not be as crazed as it was a year ago, but you can still come out on top and beat competitors with the reputation-building capabilities of Homesnap Pro+. Upgrade to Pro+ today to build your online presence, and create more demand for your listings.