One Click Is the Difference Between Winning or Losing New Business

One Click Is the Difference Between Winning or Losing New Business

New business is never easy to win. And since the number of home listings is at record low, not every agent is going to have as many clients as they need.

In a challenging market, there is one surefire way to put yourself out of the running for new business: lacking Google business reviews.

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We’ve covered before the importance of Google reviews – particularly how they legitimize your Google business profile, which displays your business information when consumers search for you online.

Additionally, reviews are what Google considers when it decides whether to rank your profile at the top of consumer searches for real estate services such as “real estate agents near me.”

Clearly, having positive, plentiful Google reviews is essential to capturing new leads and business. Just imagine if there was a tool that boosted your average review rating, measured out of five stars, from 1.5 to 4.95.

Enter Homesnap Pro+’s One-Click Review Tool.

With the One-Click Review Tool, you can easily solicit the reviews you need to appear at the top of Google searches, earn leads, and win new business. Without the One-Click Review Tool? You’re likely to lose out on business and be outperformed by your competitors.

How Does the One-Click Review Tool Work?

Pro+ agents use the One-Click Review Tool to solicit reviews from clients, colleagues, friends, and family with the click of one button.

Here’s how it works:

  • All of your Homesnap contacts are accessible on the tool
  • For each contact, you click “request review” to ask for a review of your real estate services
  • If contacts don’t respond, they are sent three optimized and automated follow-ups, increasing the odds you successfully receive a review
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Really, it’s that simple. No awkward conversations, no leafing through a contact book, no time sucked up by following up on who has and hasn’t left you a review. Just a simple click and you’ve solicited the reviews you need.

Why the One-Click Review Tool is So Valuable

The One-Click Review Tool doesn’t just make it easier for you to solicit reviews. It makes it more likely that you’ll win new business.

For starters, the One-Click Review Tool enables you to seek reviews from all of your contacts. As Google frequently reminds us, reviews are valuable whether they come from a client, fellow agent, or even a friend who can testify to your real estate knowledge.

Having those reviews makes you much more competitive on Google.

Real Estate Agents Near Me search

Just take a look at a sample Google search for “real estate agents near me.” Agents who rank for this search have dozens of reviews and nearly perfect ratings. To appear at the top of consumers’ searches for real estate agents, you must have Google reviews, and they must be positive.

Earning business isn’t easy but doesn’t have to be impossible, especially if you have access to the One-Click Review Tool, courtesy of Homesnap Pro+.