The Snapshot #81: How To Create SEO-Friendly Content

The Snapshot #81: How To Create SEO-Friendly Content

We talk to Joshua Jarvis of 4rd Marketing about SEO, and why good content is more effective than buying up keywords. Video content, for example, provides quality content that audiences want and helps establish stronger, trusted relationships.

Recommendations for effective content and tactics for SEO:

1. Monthly video market updates

2. Video FAQs – post them on LinkedIn!

3. Be consistent

4. Choose between the SEO content website camp or the pay per click website camp

5. Create content around what you’re passionate about

6. Register for your Google My Business page

7. Link your website to your testimonials and reviews on other sites.

8. Search engine marketing can pay off quickly through clicks, but search engine optimization is a longer term strategy based on owned content.

Links mentioned:

Joshua’s Inman article about search



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