How to Sell a House Quickly in 5 Steps

How to Sell a House Quickly in 5 Steps

We’ve heard it plenty of times: “I need to sell my house quickly!”

But how exactly do you make that happen?

There are all sorts of reasons to aim for a quick home sale. Maybe you have somewhere to be (new job?). Maybe you have your eye on another great property, but you want to sell first. Or maybe you’re motivated by a hot market, in which buyers get wary of a house that’s been on the market for too many days.

Whatever your reason, these five steps can help drive a fast home sale:

1. Take care of all the quick fixes you can

When buyers step into a home, they’re mentally adding up the costs of every needed repair: replacing old carpet, painting the walls, fixing those rickety stairs, etc.

Take care of every little thing you can to make the house move-in ready. Even changes like updating appliances or power-washing the house can be big but quick ways to up increase the value of your home. Aesthetic updates like a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in selling a house quickly, too.

For some tips on getting started, check out our list of 7 Home-Selling Tips to Woo Potential Buyers.

2. Price your home accurately from the start

The listing price of your home is not a good place to get aspirational. Make sure you know your market – your agent will be a big help here.

Set the price at a level that will draw in potential home buyers. In some hot markets, pricing a little bit lower can drive a bidding war that results in a higher overall price and a fast home sale.

3. Invest in marketing —including gorgeous photos

Get your agent using Homesnap Pro Ads so your house will be shown everywhere prospective buyers are online: Google, Facebook, Instagram, and even popping up on their maps on Waze.

And make sure your listing photos make your house look amazing: You don’t want to give prospects a single reason to pass it by.

4. Make it easy to view

Buyers often don’t want to wait for an open house to view a home. And if it’s hard for a buyer to schedule a private viewing, they’ll lose interest.

See if your agent has access to ShowingTime or CSS, which integrate with the Homesnap Pro app. They make it super easy for other agents to bring their clients over. And that makes home shopping more flexible for the buyer, which can lead to a faster offer and sale.

5. Make it easy for buyers to imagine their own personal touches on the house

That means getting out of the home when buyers stop by (and taking your pets with you). Also, pack up the personal touches that make the house feel like yours.

We know, it can be painful. But you want potential buyers to see it as theirs – so you can move on to your own next adventure.