4 Ways to Market Eco-Homes to Buyers

4 Ways to Market Eco-Homes to Buyers

According to a National Association of Realtors survey, 61% of real estate agents have worked with home buyers who are interested in sustainability. Eco-homes are appealing to more buyers, so knowing how to market eco-friendly homes is very important.

There’s a balance to marketing these features, though. Some green features can boost the listing price, and others might not appeal to every buyer.

Here are four tactics you can use to sell eco-homes:

1. Appeal to buyers’ values.

Buying a home is an emotional experience, and buyers want to feel their purchase aligns with their values. For some buyers, paying more for a home will feel worthwhile if it helps the environment!

Detail the features so buyers know 1) how they affect the listing price and 2) so they don’t miss them. Buyers might not know the house has energy-efficient insulation or the deck is made from sustainable wood unless you tell them.

Not every potential buyer is invested in the eco-home elements, so tailor conversations during open houses to specific prospects’ interests.

2. Calculate the long-term savings.

Buyers might balk at a higher price tag that can sometimes accompany green home features. Be ready to prove that the long-term math puts them on top.

Explain they’ll be using less energy and saving on electric, water, or heating bills. They’ll see that as a worthwhile investment.

3. Emphasize durability in addition to cost savings.

Durability is also important to buyers looking for eco-homes. Emphasize the quality, responsibly-made products that will last longer.

A National Association of Home Builders survey found that 74% of buyers would prefer more expensive features and finishes that last longer, rather than cheaper finishes that need to replaced more often.

That said, not all eco-friendly home features are regarded equally. While 89% of buyers are interested in Energy Star-rated windows, only 49% are worried about reduced-flow shower heads – which are cheaper and easier to replace!

Your pitch will be more powerful if you stick to the items that are front-of-mind for buyers.

4. Don’t try to “greenwash” things that aren’t really eco-conscious.

Be careful about marketing a home as “eco-conscious” if it doesn’t really have a bevy of bonus green features. For instance, it’s nice if a seller is using LED lightbulbs – but most buyers wouldn’t say that feature really transforms a listing into a full-fledged eco-home.

If buyers suspect you’re trying to “greenwash” features, it’ll leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Consider what features tend to be standard these days – like Energy Star appliances – versus things like exceptional energy-efficient HVAC systems when you’re factoring them into the listing price.