Why Agents Are Placing Their Fall Real Estate Ads Now

Why Agents Are Placing Their Fall Real Estate Ads Now

When it’s fall, real estate markets get busy — and there’s no mystery why. Potential buyers and sellers settle back in after summer vacations. Kids start school, freeing up parents to house-hunt without little ones in tow. Warm autumn colors boost curb appeal and make cozy spaces feel all-the-more inviting. And the cooler weather sends the same signals we’ve been trained to receive since our school days: It’s time to get stuff done!

But agents don’t need to wait for fall to start making moves that will pay off this year.

Homesnap’s data show summer is the best time for you to start working on your real estate advertising for fall.

Take advantage of cheaper ads

Summer will fly by, but that’s not the only reason to get your fall real estate advertising plans in place. You can save on your real estate ads by starting in summer.

Our studies show that August and July are the months with the fifth and sixth lowest cost per click for ads.

Now is your chance to get your name out and build brand awareness for less. Then when buyers and sellers get into the fall real estate season, they’ll be ready to reach out.

Homesnap Pro Ads will help you get started by maximizing your advertising budget ahead of the busy fall season. You can reach people on four big online networks  – Google, Facebook, Instagram and Waze – or pick and choose to direct your ad campaigns toward the networks that make sense for your goals.

Invest a little time now and free yourself up in fall’s busiest weeks

Spend some time on your real estate ads now to save time in the long run. It doesn’t need to be intimidating!

Our new step-by-step setup wizard also makes it easy to fully automate your digital advertising. We place an ad any time you have a new listing, sale or open house (you pick!).

When the fall flurry starts, we want you to stay busy running between clients and listings – not worrying about running your digital advertising. Get a head-start on your digital advertising now, so you can focus on everything else when fall hits.