The Dos and Don’ts of Content Marketing in Real Estate

The Dos and Don’ts of Content Marketing in Real Estate

“Content marketing” is a buzzy term, but it’s basically what it sounds like: You create content of value (photos, blog posts, videos) as part of your real estate marketing plan.

Different from — though complementary to — the ads you place with just your name and photo, content marketing pieces don’t feel like marketing. They give buyers and sellers a sense of your expertise, while also building brand awareness and trust.

Here are the “dos” of content marketing in real estate:

DO… be authentic to YOU!

Just because another agent in your market made a goofy video or used some other joke-y creative marketing ideas doesn’t mean the approach is right for you. Stick to content that feels comfortable and represents who you really are.

The idea is for prospects to get a sense of your personality and what’ll be like to work with you!

DO… speak to a specific audience.

Think about your market’s core audience or the niche audience you want to serve, and tailor content to their interests and habits.

For example, if you want to work with millennials, you might focus on content that answers common questions from first-time buyers or sellers. If you want to reach people looking for luxury condos, you might write a blog post discussing the “tells” of quality construction.

DO… engage with people who comment on your social media content.

When people comment on your content in a positive way, send a nice, conversational reply back. If they ask a question, answer it or point them in the right direction. You’ll offer a sense of your personality and show you’re responsive and engaged.

DO… take the time to look at simple metrics to guide the content you’re posting.

You don’t need to be a data whiz by any stretch, but it’s good to know the basics and pay attention to how your content is performing.

Some terms to start with: clicks (the number of time your content is clicked on), reach (the total number of unique people who see your content), engagements (the number of times your content gets a comment, share, or click).

By seeing what people engage with, you’ll learn more about your sphere and where they find value – and that can guide your real estate marketing plan going forward.

The don’ts of content marketing in real estate:

DON’T… steal content that isn’t yours.

If you’re borrowing a graph or someone else’s idea in your own content, make sure to give credit where credit is due. Link out to the source or find another way to credit the originator.

DON’T… let feedback go unanswered.

People read reviews and comments, and they’ll pay attention to the way you’ve engaged with others. Make sure your responses are always respectful and professional, so potential clients won’t be turned off.

If you get negative feedback, your comment is an opportunity to show prospects the context of the issue and how you’ve tried to make it right. Homesnap Pro+ makes this easier by helping you manage and respond to your Google reviews.

DON’T… set it and forget it.

Scheduling tools are awesome, but don’t just plaster the same photo across all social media channels at the same moment every single day. Each channel serves a unique purpose, and prospects interact differently with Facebook versus email versus Instagram, et cetera.

DON’T… neglect educational content.

Whether they are looking to buy or sell, every prospect is looking to work with expert. Don’t forget to share educational content to build confidence in your knowledge!