5 Tips for Smooth Client Management & Communication

5 Tips for Smooth Client Management & Communication

As a real estate agent, you know that clients want your help buying or selling a home. But just as important, they want to know you’re invested in them, too.

When your clients like talking with you and trust your work, they’re much more likely to refer you to their friends or call you the next time they’re buying or selling. That’s why smooth communication is key.

Make sure you’re doing these five things to maintain that consistent, positive communication with clients throughout the process: 

1. Don’t rely on automated communication

Remember: Automation doesn’t give clients the human touch they’re looking for. While there are lots of ways to automate initial client management – both to lighten your own workload and give your prospects quick responses – you can’t rely on automation throughout the entire relationship.

Broker/principal Sarah Kirsch Richardson put it like this:

“We are such a human and relationship-driven business. If you let technology start to replace the bond you should be creating with your client, I think it’s doing you a disservice.”

(Read more from Sarah in our blog post on technology in the client/agent relationship.)

2. Talk about how you’ll keep in touch

Avoid frustration later by making sure you and your clients are on the same page about the best way to communicate from the start. Early in the relationship, you also have a chance to advocate for the channel that works best for you.

Let clients know if there are any restrictions on your availability. If you’re a part-time agent, be clear about times when it might take you longer to respond to them. Ask about their limitations too, especially when it comes to scheduling showings.

3. Advocate for the most effective technology to communicate

Keep communications in one place to ensure messages don’t slip through the cracks.

In Homesnap, you and your clients can share favorite homes and send in-app messages. You can both search for homes by commute time and maintain an ongoing conversation in one place. Remind clients that Homesnap is powered by real-time MLS data, so they’ll see the most accurate details about the market, too.

Your clients already know about texting and emailing. But by showing them Homesnap early on and getting them on board, you can highlight your own expertise and establish smooth communications.

4. Send a personal follow-up after a listing or a sale

Purchasing a home is a huge milestone in someone’s life. The post-closing window might be the last time they’re in touch with you for a while, so make sure your last impression is a good one.

Maybe you send flowers to the new house, a gift card for a coffee shop in their new neighborhood, or just a housewarming card with a personal note.

“Treat the people you meet as people, not just a potential sale,” says Shayan Jalali of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Warrenton Residential in Boston.

You know you’ll want to ask for their referral, and as Shayan puts it, “When you go above and beyond, it makes it that much easier.” (Check out our full conversation with Shayan in our blog post about tips for new agents.)

5. Keep in touch with your previous clients

Make sure you periodically check in – via an occasional event invite, a quick note just to ask how they’re enjoying the home, or a regular email newsletter (an email CRM can be a big time-saver here).

Then, you’ll be top of mind if a friend asks them for a referral. Or, if they want to buy or sell again. All it takes is a new job offer or lifestyle change for a former client to become a current client!