Win More Listing Appointments with Facebook Ads

Win More Listing Appointments with Facebook Ads

Most agents view Facebook advertisements as an effective lead generation tool.  And why wouldn’t they? Not only is Facebook a cost-effective advertising platform—especially in comparison to online real estate marketplaces—it’s also where American consumers spend the vast majority of their leisure time. 

Just look at these statistics:

  • 80% of the US is on Facebook
  • 168 million Americans check Facebook every single day, many of whom check their newsfeed up to 14 times per day
  • US adults spend more time on social media than any other leisure activity, including time spent watching TV 

And when it comes to home buying specifically:

  • 65% of all homebuyers indicated they have been influenced by a Facebook post about home buying, and
  • 42% of millennials (the largest home-buying demographic in the US) say social media is the most relevant advertising channel to them

However, the benefit of the Facebook advertising platform isn’t just limited to promoting new listings and generating interested leads. It can also do wonders for attracting seller clients.  

Facebook ads help demonstrate your effectiveness as a marketer

When you run a campaign on Facebook with Homesnap Pro Ads, you automatically receive an analytics report, which features chart, graph, and data breakdowns of the performance of your campaign across several important metrics, such as leads and impressions. 

While these reports are primarily intended to help you track your lead generation campaigns, they also can also serve as a tangible, easily shareable testament to your effectiveness as a marketer and agent. With Homesnap, you can set up automated performance reports to send to your current sellers, so they can see in real-time how your marketing campaign is performing. Then you can repurpose these reports to include in future listing presentations, giving prospective seller clients a comprehensive overview of the steps you take to successfully market a property.  

From nice-to-have to must-have

Leveraging these reports is more important than ever. Most real estate trade publications are urging agents to spend more time demonstrating their marketing expertise in a verifiable way in order to win new business.  No more here’s’ what I can do and more here’s what I did do.

Recently, in an article on winning listing presentations, RISMedia advised agents to consider the listing appointment primarily as an assessment of your ability as a marketer—not an agent—saying:

“You would never show up to a job interview without a resume, the capability to discuss your plan of action to tackle the job, and testimonials on your expertise and suitability for the job. Why wouldn’t you do the same type of preparation for a listing appointment, when you’re essentially applying for the job of listing and marketing a property?”

Then there’s today’s reality of a post-pandemic real estate market, in which sellers, concerned they might not get maximum dollar on their property, are specifically looking for agents who demonstrate an expertise in a holistic, offline and online marketing approach, with special consideration to the digital marketing space.

To be the real estate agent consumers are looking for,  agents must be able to demonstrate they can navigate a new, more-digital reality. And what better way than with a ready-made, hands-off report from your Facebook campaigns?  You’re essentially killing two birds with one stone—generating interest for your current properties while also building your credentials for winning new business.

How Homesnap can help

With Homesnap Pro Ads on Facebook, we handle all the time-consuming work of running your Facebook campaigns for you. When it comes to marketing a listing, you can choose a budget that works for you, and we’ll show you sample ad formats to choose from. You can also set up recurring ads via Subscribe & Save, so ads automatically run every time you have a listing or deal. You can also rest assured knowing that we’ve run Facebook ads for years, and we know how to optimize campaigns to attract your target audience and maximize the number of eyeballs on your listings.

As mentioned, we also provide you analytics reports for all your Facebook ad campaigns, making it easy to share your campaign results and impress prospective sellers.

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