4 Real Estate Agent Success Tips for 2023

4 Real Estate Agent Success Tips for 2023

Too early to think 2023? Not for real estate agents. In the late fall and winter when most markets are quieter, agents like you need to ramping up efforts to ensure a deep well of leads before the busy spring season.

While the season is slow for your clients, move fast to hit the ground running in 2023 with these five real estate tips.

4 Real Estate Agent Tips for 2023

  1. Have a prospecting plan
  2. Advertise in the winter
  3. Evaluate whether your real estate tools work
  4. Upgrade to Homesnap Pro+

1. Make a plan for prospecting to find seller leads before busy season 

If you wait until busy season to start looking for seller leads, then you’re waiting far too long.

The few months leading into the spring are crucial times to get on a prospect’s radar as they think about selling their home.

Decide how much of your marketing budget should be devoted to prospecting — things like postcards and flyers, and other collateral you might want to leave with a prospect after chatting.

You’ll also want to identify neighborhoods, especially specific homes, that seem primed to sell soon. You could drive through neighborhoods and look for signs of a distressed home, or you could make a point to touch base with past clients.

Remember that couple who said they were looking for a “starter home” a few years back? Reach out and see if they’re ready to find a bigger place in 2023.  

2. Advertise in the winter to get a better ROI and more exposure

Though winter is a slower season, it’s actually a great time to run advertising campaigns. Even if they are simply brand awareness campaigns, you’ll be dealing with less competition. That means every advertising dollar will go farther than it would during the busy season, which will improve your overall ROI.

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3. Evaluate the real estate tools you’re using — and the ones you should be using 

Take a look at all the tools you’re using — apps, software, everything — and ask yourself the following: 

  1. When was the last time I used this? Even if you haven’t used a tool in a while, still take the time to revisit and evaluate it. Are there new features that appeal to you that make this tool a keeper? Is it simply one more thing to worry about that isn’t going to add more value? Take action accordingly to streamline your tools. 
  2. Is it duplicative? Do you already have other apps or software that accomplishes the exact same goal? Assess whether some of your tools are redundant and unnecessary, so you can clear out the clutter (and possible save some money).
  3. Am I paying too much for this? Especially on the apps and software you’re paying for each month or year, assess whether the price is simply too high. Is there a way to accomplish the same goals for free? Do you even need the pricey tool anymore? It’s important to assess your budget as the year begins so you can allocate funds accordingly. 

4. Upgrade to Homesnap Pro+

The final step to setting yourself up for real estate success in 2023? Upgrading to Homesnap Pro+.

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