Questions About Concierge? We Have Answers

Questions About Concierge? We Have Answers

The following is a compendium of the most frequently asked questions by agents prior to their purchase of Homesnap Concierge, Homesnap’s fully managed advertising platform and lead qualification service.

If you don’t see your question answered here, please fill out this form, and a member of our team will be happy to reach out.

What is Concierge?

Homesnap Concierge is a fully managed advertising platform and lead qualification service that delivers better leads at a lower cost than Zillow Premier Agent and

How does Concierge work?

Each month, our dedicated and experienced Concierge marketing team will optimize and run your advertising campaigns for an unlimited number of listings and solds on networks like Facebook, Google, and Instagram. We’ll target the most-likely-to-transact leads on those platforms with hyper-targeted and personalized ads and qualify them for you.  Then, we’ll send you the qualified, hot leads right away, and continue to nurture the rest until they are ready to convert.  

You’ll have full transparency into the process. We’ll share key metrics — number of leads processed, lead contact information, conversation history, qualification details, all leads acquired, and more — so you can follow us every step of the way.

What makes Concierge advertising different?

Concierge is not a static or automated, set-it-and-forget-it advertising solution. Each and every campaign is personalized to the goals of the individual agent, and Homesnap’s team of in-house experts manage and optimize your marketing in real-time in order to maximize lead generation. Oh, and all leads generated are yours and yours alone—you’ll never have to compete with other agents for the same lead.

Additionally, you’ll receive a dedicated account manager upon sign up. You can contact them at any time with questions or to make alternations to their advertising and/or lead qualification.   They’re essentially your assistant!

What makes Concierge worth it?

Think of Concierge as having your own personal sales and marketing team.

Online lead generation is a time-consuming and tedious process. Not only do agents need the technical know-how to spend every single day managing and optimizing campaigns for every one of their listings, but they then have to spend even more time calling, texting, emailing and qualifying leads, many of whom prove to be time-wasting dead-ends. 

Concierge handles the entire process for you. You no longer have to worry about online marketing, lead generation, or wasting your time and money chasing dead-end leads. You can focus on other more pressing aspects of your job, such as working with clients, knowing you can rely on a steady stream of pre-qualified, ready-to-transact leads each and every month.

Plus, because Concierge is managed by real humans, experts in the real estate marketing space, and supported by our in-house machine-learning algorithms, you’ll get a better ROI on your campaigns than you would anywhere else.  In fact, our ROI on campaigns beats Facebook itself. 

And not only is Concierge cheaper (and better performing!) than sites like Zillow and, but you never have to worry about competing with other agents for the same leads.

Does Concierge generate both buyer and seller leads?

Yes, agents can capture both buyer and seller leads using Concierge. Agents can promote an unlimited amount of current listings to capture buyer clients, past solds to capture seller clients, and personally branded buyer and seller guides to capture both.

What if I’m a new agent or don’t have any active listings?

If you’ve had previous listings, you can advertise your past solds to capture seller leads and demonstrate your experience and knowledge of your sphere.  Advertising past solds is a particularly effective strategy in a sellers’ market.   If you are just starting out or have not had previous listings, you can use Concierge’s branded-to-you buyer and seller guides to capture buyer and seller leads.

Below you can see samples of these guides.  Do remember, your buyer and seller guides will be personalized and branded to you.

Seller Guide

Buyer Guide

How do you define a qualified lead?

Homesnap’s lead qualification team assigns each lead a designation based on their likelihood to convert.  They are:

HOT:  Hot Leads are ready to buy or sell. We have confirmed these leads are not interested in renting and are not already working with another agent. We advise you to contact these leads ASAP.

PROCESSING:  These leads are currently being pre-qualified by the Homesnap lead qualification team via emails, phone calls, and texts.  Once these leads are vetted, their status is updated accordingly.

NEW:  New leads that require your attention. These leads originated through a listing on Homesnap, not an advertisement, and are not pre-qualified.  We advise you to contact at your earliest convenience.

LONG-TERM PROSPECT:  Long-term prospects are not currently ready to engage. We will continue to nurture these leads on your behalf, but we recommend you add them to your CRM as well.

INTERESTED IN RENTING:  Rental leads are interested in renting or rent to own. Rental leads can become good candidates for nurturing and may become buyers in the future. Contact at your own discretion.

ALREADY HAS AN AGENT:  These leads have indicated they are already working with an agent.

NO FURTHER CONTACT:  These leads have indicated they do not wish to be contacted further.

BAD CONTACT INFO:  These leads were unable to be contacted.

When I get a Concierge lead, how is that lead delivered to me?

Once a lead is qualified, you’ll receive an email with detailed notes for you to follow-up. Notes will also be accessible from the Concierge Lead Center.  We advise you to contact these leads within 24 hours of receiving notification.

Are the leads coming to me based on their desire to work with me specifically?  Or are leads assigned to me randomly?

As leads are generated from your own content—listings, solds, and branded buyer and seller guides—the leads you receive from Concierge are interested in working with you.  Concierge does not randomly assign leads to agents, and you’ll never have to compete with another agent for your leads.

Will leads be expecting a call from us by name?

Yes. The Homesnap Concierge lead qualification team contacts leads on your behalf.  Consider them your own personal sales team.  Pre-qualified leads will be expecting a call from you specifically.

How long do you qualify a lead?

We work the leads multiple times a day for a minimum of one week.  This involves calling, texting, and emailing the prospective lead.

Can I see the qualification conversations?

Yes. When you receive a lead from Concierge, you’ll be able to see the complete qualification conversation.  You’ll also see private notes written by your dedicated Concierge account manager.

Are leads delivered directly to my CRM?

We will send you an email with a CSV file containing information about your leads.  You can upload that file directly into your CRM.

Can I set specific parameters for my campaigns?

Yes. Right after you sign up for Concierge, you’ll fill out a survey with a few questions, which you’re free to edit at any point. You can choose the area in which you want your campaign to run, show off any awards you’ve won or superlatives you claim, highlight any special deals or rebates you’re offering, and/or upload your CRM so that we can target your existing marketing contacts.   You can also opt to exclude certain listings if you so choose.

Where will my campaigns run?

We look across multiple networks – such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram – to get you the best leads.  As Homesnap Concierge is not an automated, one-size-fits-all solution, each and every campaign is unique. At any given moment, that could mean a heavy emphasis on Facebook; more budget toward Google; or an even split across Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

Is Homesnap Concierge zip-code based?

With platforms like Zillow and, agents compete for a “share of voice” in a given zip code.  The more competitive the zip, the higher the price.

Concierge is not zip-code based.  Concierge focuses its advertising on promoting your hard work and listings. You’re not in a bidding war in your area with other agents; you’re just making sure you’re giving your content—listings, solds, Buyers and Seller guides—the absolute best chance of getting in front of the right buyers and sellers.

Is an agent assigned a zip code?

No, Homesnap Concierge will advertise within the geographic area you wish to market in.

I have used Homesnap Pro Ads to great success.  Do you recommend I continue doing that in combination with Concierge?  Or just use Concierge?

In most cases, we find Concierge to be the best option to generate leads.  We suggest agents use only Concierge since we market and optimize your content regularly and consistently and nurture leads. However, in the instance you want one specific listing to get more exposure—maybe you want to impress your seller clients with a robust advertising campaign—you can supplement your Concierge marketing with Homesnap Pro Ads. 

Homesnap Pro+ is included in Concierge. What happens if I’m already a Pro+ member?

As an existing Pro+ member, you will receive an additional discount on your Homesnap Concierge subscription.

How long is the commitment period for Homesnap Concierge?

Concierge is available for commitments of one, three, six, or twelve months.

Is there someone who I can talk to before buying?

Yes, if you’d like to talk to a Homesnap Concierge representative before purchasing or meeting with our sales team, please fill out this form and someone from our team will be in touch. 

Can I buy this for my team? Can I co-market with another agent or lender? 

Yes, if you’re interested in co-marketing, we’ll help you set that up. Please fill out this form, and a member of our sales team will help you get started. 

Is there a money-back guarantee or trial period? 

We do not currently offer a money-back guarantee or trial period.  However, we do offer commitments as short as one month. Unlike competing real estate lead generation platforms, Homesnap Concierge never locks you into a long-term contract.  

Found all the answers you need?  Why not give Concierge a try?