When you sign up for Subscribe & Save via Homesnap Pro Ads, you’re choosing a completely customizable and expertly optimized digital advertising program that automatically works for you.

Every time you list a property, sell a home, or schedule a new open house, we’ll automatically create and target a lead-optimized ad campaign on your behalf. Your ad will run with the budget and on the networks – such as Facebook or Google – that you’ve already pre-selected.

If you want to get the most out of your real estate ads, follow these five best practices that top Subscribe & Save agents use:

1.) Know Your Subscribe & Save Benefits

As a Subscribe & Save member, you have access to a lot of perks:

  • Best marketing automation tools in real estate: We’ll create, place and target your ads on the biggest online networks, as soon as you have new activities to market.
  • Ultimate flexibility: Customize your program so you control what types of transactions and properties you’re advertising, budgets by network, and more.
  • A lead-generation engine: Not only can you leverage listings to generate new business, but automated ads keep working even when you’re not.
  • Cost-effective advertising: Pay as you go, so your marketing budget lines up with your active business.

Curious what other agents think about Subscribe & Save? Watch this video to see why Dan Metcalf loves his automated ads program:

2.) Send Reports to Clients

With your Subscribe & Save account, you have access to easy-to-understand reports for listing ads so you can impress your clients with your marketing efforts.

Every time you advertise an active listing, make sure you’re sending reports to your clients. The reports are one-click and easy for clients, so you can maximize your marketing efforts — and advertising dollars! — by sharing them with your sellers.

These reports are great to highlight in listing presentations to win more business, too.

3.) Customize Your Program with the Subscribe & Save Wizard

Our top Subscribe & Save users are successful because they customize their program to fit their marketing needs.

Make sure you run through our quick step-by-step Wizard so you can control your program. Set budgets, ad networks, and what types of transactions and properties you want to advertise so your program works best for you.

Want to market only for-sale homes? Open houses? Price reductions? Certain property types?  Click here to start customizing your plan with our guided Subscribe & Save Wizard.

4.) Message Leads and Clients in Homesnap

You need to respond quickly to your leads if you’re going to convert them.

Make sure you’re nurturing leads immediately by using Homesnap Messages to start conversations. With our in-app messenger, you can instantly engage in conversation with your listing leads.

5.) Skip a Listing

We want you to be in control of your Subscribe & Save program, so you can skip any listing before it goes live.

It’s simple: 24 hours before your listing ad goes live, you have an opportunity to skip the listing. We understand your marketing needs change, so your advertising program is just as flexible.