18 Months of New Business: The Homesnap Pro+ Plan

18 Months of New Business: The Homesnap Pro+ Plan

Homesnap Pro+ helps agents strengthen their online reputation and win new business. In particular, Pro+ helps agents succeed on Google, the world’s biggest online search engine. To ensure agents succeed on Google, Pro+ provides two tools:

  1. A verified Google Business Profile, so buyers and sellers know you’re a legitimate business
  2. The One-Click Review Tool, which makes getting Google reviews simple and integrated with your daily workflow
Homesnap Pro+

A verified profile and help getting reviews sounds great, but what does success on Google actually look like? What results should agents expect, and when? Learn how Pro+ helps agents like you attract the attention of buyers and sellers on Google and win new business during the first 18 months of membership.

3 to 6 Months: Appear in Search Results

After 3 to 6 months on Pro+, agents experience up to a 22X increase in their appearance on Google Search. Here’s how that can happen for you.

As soon as you upgrade to Pro+, your Google Business Profile is automatically verified and filled with relevant professional information, such as your contact information, working hours, a business description, and professional photos and videos. This information helps consumers and Google understand what services you provide and where you do business.

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With Pro+, you’ll also have immediate access to the One-Click Review Tool, which allows you to ask for Google reviews with a single click. Your contacts from Homesnap are synced to the tool, so just select who you want to write you a review, and an email with a review link will be sent on your behalf. Better yet, the One-Click Review Tool will keep track of whether a review is left. If not, contacts receive up to 3 strategically-timed follow-up emails to nudge them into action.

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As you get started, you may be tempted to binge-request reviews from all your contacts. But Google wants to see you get positive reviews consistently over time. So, during your first few months on Pro+, you should request reviews when it makes sense. Remember: reviews can come from your clients, past clients, colleagues, family, and friends.

By your third month on Pro+, your collection of positive, plentiful reviews signals to Google that you’re a trustworthy local expert. Since real people have demonstrated confidence in your services, Google will, too, by recommending you in search results for keywords relevant to your business and location. You’ll appear at the top of results for searches such as “real estate agents near me” or “best local real estate agents.”

9 to 12 Months: Consumers Interact With You Online

As agents approach a year on Pro+, they receive 3X the number of listing views, personal website visits, and contact from interested consumers. In other words, buyers and sellers aren’t just seeing agents’ profiles – they’re taking action on them.

How does this happen? In short, Pro+ agents benefit from active Google Business Profile management.

A Google Business Profile is not a “set it and forget it” marketing tool. It must be updated regularly to prove to Google that you’re active and engaged as a real estate agent. If you upgrade to Pro+ your profile is managed so your listings, business details, and photos are up-to-date. Plus, the One-Click Review Tool makes it easy to consistently request and receive positive reviews. This way, Google has proof that you’re an agent who provides good services over time.

After a year of consistent maintenance, your Google Business Profile impresses Google and consumers alike, and spurs high-intent buyers and sellers to check out your information and get in touch.

15 Months: Appearance in Search Results Rises Even More

After 15 months on Pro+, agents experience as much as a 40X increase in appearance in search results. Agents also see a 5X increase in the number of consumers viewing their profile or visiting their personal website.

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Upgrade to Pro+ and by 15 months, there’s no secret to your success. Having a verified, actively-managed profile and positive, plentiful, consistent reviews means that when high-intent buyers and sellers search for a real estate agent on Google, your profile appears at the top of search results.

18 Months: Buyers and Sellers Contact You

By 18 months, Pro+ agents have notched a major achievement: Google is now acting as an inbound referral service for their real estate business. In fact, after 18 months, Pro+ agents experience a 7.5X increase in the number of consumers who reach out directly to inquire about real estate services.

How does Pro+ incentivize consumers to get in touch with agents? If you’ve been a member for 18 months, Pro+ has optimized your Google Business Profile. And at this point, many of your colleagues, clients, friends, and family members have had the opportunity to leave you a 5 star Google review. You’ve shown Google and consumers that you’re a legitimate real estate provider who knows your local market and is here to stay.

Clearly, Pro+ is a pivotal tool for rapidly improving your presence on Google and winning new business. Start your journey to winning new business now by upgrading to Homesnap Pro+.