A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Homesnap Stories for Virtual Tours

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Homesnap Stories for Virtual Tours

Social distancing is still very much part of daily life. Yet, the need to keep your business running remains ever-present.  Here’s how Homesnap Stories can help you stay relevant with buyers and sellers.

Homesnap stories are an effective way to replicate the traditional, in-person open house experience. Using Homesnap Stories, agents can add a video tour of themselves walking throughout a property directly to their listing page on Homesnap, highlighting key amenities and allowing prospective buyers to see a property in a way that makes them feel at ease.

With Homesnap Stories, you can add unique, engaging marketing content right to your active listings through the Homesnap Pro app.  Add text, emojis, and even use augmented reality to create one-of-a-kind marketing content that you can also share on Facebook and Instagram.  

Homesnap Stories are ideal for getting across selling points about a property that are difficult to convey from photos alone. And because Homesnap Stories sit on your listing page until the property is off the market, accessible to anyone, there’s no need to coordinate and record live stories from scratch anytime you have an interested client.

Here’s how you can add one to your listing:

Find the “Add Story” button near the top of any of your active listings.

Upload photos from your phone, or take new photos/video in real time, if you are able to.

Add text to make your photo or video pop.

Make sure to highlight the most important features.  As buyers are unlikely to visit the property in person, it’s imperative to be comprehensive in your approach.   Overdoing it isn’t much of a concern as of right now. Err on the side of showing more. 

Add emojis or real estate stickers to draw attention to important selling points

We have a custom set of real estate-themed stickers — in addition to traditional emojis — so you can easily call out big selling points. New roof? Walk-in closet? Make sure to highlight.

Add 3D effects with augmented reality mode

Get creative and stand out by adding personalized 3D effects — like a for-sale or price drop — that become virtual objects in your Story.

Add voice-over or music

Voice-over is an excellent tool to explain specific features, showcase your personality, or demonstrate your professionalism and expertise on camera. Music makes for a more inviting listing.

Post your Story

When your Story is complete, hit the button to post and it’ll appear right on your listing. If you want to share it on your own Facebook or Instagram Stories page, you can easily do that as well.

After your Story is published, you can also see when your branded clients and connected agents have viewed your Story. It’s a great way to follow up with clients who might be interested in your listing.

We know times are difficult right now.  We hope Homesnap Stories can make things just a little bit easier.