When Should You Request Google Reviews?

When Should You Request Google Reviews?

Consumers are conditioned to seek reviews before purchasing a product. Things are no different when they need a real estate agent. Homebuyers and sellers who have seen your ads or are referred by your past clients will search for your name online to make sure you’re legit. And displaying positive, plentiful reviews from clients, colleagues, family, and friends on your verified Google Business Profile establishes you as an expert worthy of consumers’ trust.

Reviews are also important to building trust with Google itself, and are essential if you want to appear at the top of Google search results. A strong collection of reviews signals to Google’s algorithm that you’re a well regarded local agent. This makes it more likely you’ll be featured prominently in search results for broad terms such as “real estate agents near me.”

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You know that reviews are important, but how do you go about getting them? To start, your Google Business Profile has to be verified – a process completed instantaneously with a Homesnap Pro+ membership. Next, you need to request reviews from your network to populate your profile. Requesting reviews would be time-consuming, but Pro+ agents can get reviews with a tap of their phone by using the One-Click Review Tool.

The One-Click Review Tool uses all your Homesnap contacts to make review generation a painless, integrated part of your workflow. That’s a good thing, because Google rewards agents who consistently receive positive reviews over time, as opposed to binge-requesting reviews all at once. Here are 5 situations you should use the One-Click Review Tool to request Google reviews and burnish your online reputation.

1. Request reviews after closing a deal 

Closing day is an ideal time to ask your happy buyers or sellers for a review. After all, they’re riding high on endorphins thanks to your services. If you wait until weeks after closing day, your review request will be in competition with your clients’ move and could take a backseat until they’ve settled into their new home. 

So, after the signing is complete and you’ve given your congratulations, make the most of Pro+ and use the One-Click Review Tool to request a review.

2. Request reviews when checking in with past clients

Maintaining an active relationship with past clients is important for a healthy referral network. It also increases your chances of turning your former buyers and sellers into repeat clients when they’re ready to move again.

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Whether you’re checking in to ask how they’re liking their home or they contact you to discuss local real estate, take the opportunity to ask if they’ll leave you a review. You can even put them on speaker phone and use the One-Click Review Tool as you talk.

3. Request reviews when networking with fellow real estate agents 

Colleagues in your office or those who you’ve worked with on past deals are ripe for review writing. Professional testimonials look impressive to buyers and sellers. It means a great deal to have your peers respect you.

Next time you’re at a networking event or just chatting about the market with a colleague, mention that you’re going to request a review. Then, send a request using the One-Click Review Tool. In 30 seconds, your work will be done.

4. Request reviews when talking about real estate with friends and family

It’s not a requirement for reviews to be only from people who have done business with you. In fact, anyone who can speak to your character and good judgment can and should leave you a review. Friends and family members are perfect candidates.

The next time someone wants to talk about real estate or asks how work is going, be informative and confident and then ask for a review when the conversation wraps up. Pull out your phone, open the One-Click Review Tool and send off the review request when the conversation is still fresh.

5. Request Google reviews if you haven’t received one in more than a month

Real estate-related searches take place on Google year-round. So, it’s important to maintain a steady flow of recent positive reviews. Otherwise, consumers, as well as Google, may question whether you’re still an active agent.

When you hit those slower times of the year or you just haven’t received a new review for a few weeks, open the One-Click Review Tool. You can search through your contacts and send a request to a few promising candidates.

Because the One-Click Review Tool keeps track of whether a review was submitted and automatically sends up to 3 follow-up messages, you can focus on serving clients and prospecting for leads instead of stressing about whether you’ll receive a review.

Upgrade to Homesnap Pro+ to access the One-Click Review Tool and incorporate review requests into your regular workflow. Over time, your Google Business Profile will be filled with positive, plentiful reviews that impress buyers, sellers, and Google – earning you more leads and new business.