What Makes Homesnap Pro Ads Better Than The Alternatives?

What Makes Homesnap Pro Ads Better Than The Alternatives?

With Homesnap Pro Ads, agents can advertise their listings, brand, and past solds on the world’s most popular online destinations—Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Waze.

But what makes Homesnap Pro ads so effective when compared to DIY solutions or other industry alternatives?

Proven, eye-catching creative and copy

Homesnap has run hundreds of thousands of ads on behalf of agents, and we know how to maximize visuals and copy to create advertisements that truly stand out to homebuyers and sellers. With Homesnap Pro Ads, agents never have to fuss over editing images, obsess over writing winning headlines, or worry about complying with requirements that vary from platform to platform.  We’ll create customized, highly effective ads on your behalf, wherever you wish to advertise.

Just let us know what you want to advertise—a listing, your brand, a post sold—and where, and we’ll handle the rest.  

Fully optimized for maximum return on ROI

Getting the most out of your advertisement can be a bit tricky. All online platforms have unique quirks and capabilities, which, when not fully understood, can undermine your ad’s effectiveness. 

Take Facebook, for example.  If you’ve run a campaign on the platform before, have you made sure to:

  • Create look-a-like audiences to reach new consumers likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your existing customers?  
  • Target your sphere rather than publishing your ads in a general geographic area? If you do the latter, everyone sees your ad, including those who have no interest in a real estate transaction, such as high school students.  So, you’re paying for nothing.

Or what about Google? Have you made sure to enable the ad extensions and location extensions within the Google ads platform so Google can prioritize your ad to those consumers searching for real estate within your immediate area?

Homesnap Pro Ads does all of this for you, so you know you’re guaranteed to get maximum effectiveness out of every single advertisement you run, regardless of platform.

Data-driven targeting

Targeting interested homebuyers and sellers on social and search platforms can require significant trial and error. Sure, you can narrow down your intended market according to demographic or geographic data at the onset, but drilling down and reaching the truly interested homebuyers and sellers in your sphere often requires significant refinement.  You’ll have to run several campaigns for an eventual payoff. 

Homesnap Pro Ads, on the other hand, leverages consumer data from the millions of homebuyers and sellers who use the Homesnap app, which means we can target the right consumers with far more precision.  That means you don’t have to spend time tweaking your campaigns.  You know from the onset you’re targeting the highest-intent audience available with your campaigns.

But don’t just take our word for it: Facebook published a study on the efficacy of Homesnap’s real estate ads and found that Homesnap generated a 6x return on ad spend and a 7X decrease in cost per lead for advertising agents. You can read the findings here.

Subscribe & Save option

Want to truly set and forget your marketing while still knowing you’re getting maximum value from your advertising budget?  With Subscribe & Save, every time you have a new listing, new sale, new open house, or new coming soon, we’ll create an ad campaign on your behalf. On top of that you can:

  • Save 10 % on every ad
  • Skip any listing you don’t want to advertise within the first 24 hours
  • Message leads via automated facebook lead nurturing or message leads & clients in Homesnap
  • Cancel anytime – no commitments, obligations, or fees

Bonus: Impress clients with lead reports

With Homesnap Pro Ads, you have access to easy-to-understand reports for listing ads so you can impress your clients with your marketing efforts.

Every time you advertise an active listing, you can send these reports directly to your clients in Homesnap. The reports are one-click and easy for clients, and by sharing them with your sellers, you can definitively demonstrate the efforts you’ve taken to market their property.

Additionally, these reports are great to highlight in listing presentations to win more business, as they can demonstrate to potential clients your digital savviness as an agent—more important than ever in today’s world.

Why leave your advertising up to chance? Get the data-backed expertise of Homesnap Pro Ads today, and start generating more leads at a better ROI.