Want to Boost Your Reputation? Get 3x More Positive Google Reviews in a Single Click

Want to Boost Your Reputation? Get 3x More Positive Google Reviews in a Single Click

Here’s something you probably already knew: Positive Google reviews benefit your business.  But do you know just how beneficial they are?

  • Agents with an average review rating of 4.0 or better on Google appear in 350% more Google searches than agents with an average review rating of 0-3.
  • Agents with a 4.0 average review rating on Google received 300% more actions (calls, texts, website views, and direction requests) than those with a review rating of 0-3.
  • The more reviews an agent has, the better they perform in search, views, and actions.

The only problem? The impact of positive reviews tends to diminish over time. According to the Homesnap data scientists, without at least one review every 90 days, the above benefits decrease by about 50%.

The One-Click Review Tool

That’s why Homesnap released the One-Click Review Tool.  Included as part of a Homesnap Pro+ membership, the One-Click Review Tool is designed to make it easier than ever for agents to invite clients, colleagues, and personal connections to leave reviews on Google.  No more calling or texting asking for a positive review on Google.  No more awkward conversations. With one click, you can gently encourage your contacts to leave a glowing recommendation.

It’s the best—and easiest—way yet to solidify your online presence and reputation as a credible, go-to agent in your area.

The benefits of the One-Click Review Tool in getting more positive Google reviews

Recently, our data scientists tracked the efficacy of the One-Click Review Tool.  You can read the full study in our latest whitepaper Get 3X More Positive Reviews with a Single Click: Boost Your Reputation and Solidify Your Online Presence, but here are two key highlights:

  • In comparing the profiles of Homesnap Pro+ agents who used the One-Click Review Tool over the past 90 days, we found that, on average, for every 2.6 review requests an agent sends, they get a positive review.  Compare that to the industry average, where agents receive one review—positive or negative—for every 10 clients they work with.
  • Agents who used the One-Click Review Tool regularly (five or more times) over the past 90 days had an average lifetime review rating of 4.95. Those who didn’t? Their rating averaged out to just 1.5.

That’s right, not only did our agents get more than 3x times the number of reviews they normally would have, they also greatly mitigated the impact of negative reviews, which, as you know, can be a killer to any agent’s business.

So, if you’re actively trying to build your online presence and reputation or you’re worried about what a few bad reviews could do to your business, it’s well worth giving the One-Click Review Tool a try. It couldn’t be easier.

If you’d like to read the full whitepaper and see the data behind our study, please click here.

Or if you’re ready to give the One-Click Review Tool a try, please click here.