The need for real estate agents to advertise online isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s increasing! 52% of homebuyers turn to the web as their first step in the process, and 80% of web referral traffic comes from Google & Facebook combined. 

Effective advertising on these networks takes a lot of time and expertise, which is why Homesnap Pro Ads will be your new favorite marketing solution. Learn how Homesnap Pro Ads can build your brand and attract new leads by reaching buyers and sellers on the most heavily trafficked online networks. 


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Top agents use Homesnap Pro premium products to deploy a multi-channel marketing strategy that offers agents long-term success. To try one ad, watch the tutorial below on how to order. Homesnap Pro Ads will fill the voids of appealing to an audience your traditional marketing is no longer meeting. The skill of digital marketing is fairly new so if you have spent the majority of your career on traditional marketing, this process will be challenging for you to master. We looked at the type of advertising needs for agents and took the hard work out for you.

Should you need to make edits to your active ads, watch this tutorial to find out how!


Learn how to dominate your market as the local expert by running consistent, automated campaigns across the most popular networks online so you can keep your pipeline full and have more time to spend with your clients. Homesnap Pro offers agents the opportunity to sign up for a Subscribe & Save program via Homesnap Pro Ads — you’re choosing a completely customizable and expertly optimized digital advertising program that automatically works for you.

As a Subscribe & Save member, you have access to a lot of perks:

  • The best marketing automation tools in real estate: We’ll create, place and target your ads on the biggest online networks, as soon as you have new activities to market.
  • Ultimate flexibility: Customize your program so you control what types of transactions and properties you’re advertising, budgets by network, and more.
  • A lead-generation engine: Not only can you leverage listings to generate new business, but automated ads keep working even when you’re not.
  • Cost-effective advertising: Pay as you go, so your marketing budget lines up with your active business

What is Subscribe and Save?

Target and Retarget

Advertisers are flocking to Facebook/Instagram and Google because they reach the right people and have a wealth of information about our potential clients that can be deployed for targeted marketing. Explore how Homesnap Pro uses advanced targeting to boost your campaigns to the ideal viewers.

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Learn below how you get ultimate flexibility by customizing your program so you control what types of transactions and properties you’re advertising, budgets by network, and more.

Subscribe and Save Wizard

Want to market only for-sale homes? Open houses? Price reductions? Certain property types?  Click here to start customizing your plan with our guided Subscribe & Save Wizard.


You need to respond quickly to your leads if you’re going to convert them. Make sure you’re nurturing leads immediately by using Homesnap Pro Messages to start conversations. With our in-app messenger, you can instantly engage in conversation with your listing leads.


All agents have access to easy-to-understand reports for listing ads so you can impress your clients with your marketing efforts. Every time you advertise an active listing, make sure you’re sending reports to your clients. The reports are one-click, so you can maximize your marketing efforts — and advertising dollars! — by sharing them with your sellers. These reports are great to highlight in listing presentations to win more business, too.

Homesnap Pro Ads

4 Powerful Networks. 1 Advertising Solution

Facebook Ads For Agents

Learn about Homesnap’s Facebook Listing Ads

Waze Ad Slide for Agents

Show sellers how you’ll market their home

Facebook Video Ads

Learn about Homesnap’s Video Ads for Facebook

What am I buying?
Homesnap Pro Ads run on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Waze. These campaigns are tied to your listings. You can customize your ads for each network and we’ll take care of the complexity and busy work associated with executing your ad campaigns. We create your graphics, publish the ads to the networks you select and optimize the settings so your ads run efficiently to capture as many leads as possible.
For each listing you promote, you select the amount you want to spend on each advertising network, which corresponds to an estimated number of views and clicks, or you can move forward with the recommended budget mix that Homesnap Pro’s experts calculated for your listing.
How long will my ad run?
The more important question is how many people will see my ad? Your budget is allocated per view – not for a duration of time. The amount you spend on each network corresponds to an estimated number of views.

Homesnap Pro works with various advertising networks to deliver your ad as frequently as possible at the lowest possible cost. The length of the run depends on how quickly your ad generates views and clicks, and therefore reaches the target views/clicks goal that you selected through the budget allocator on the order page. This will result in different run lengths for every listing on each network.

What are the benefits of advertising on each of the 4 networks?
Google owns 71% of the search market share and has the largest online display advertising network. With 92% of buyers and sellers beginning their search for a home online, the tech giant’s network is ideal for generating high-intent leads among consumers searching for a new home or agent via a search engine, and for building brand awareness among consumers on the Internet.

Due to Facebook’s high volume of monthly active users (2+ billion) and the amount of time users spend on the network (they check it 14x a day, on average), Facebook is a strong option for agents who want to improve brand awareness and generate a high volume of leads. It is also an ideal network for direct engagement with potential clients.

With Instagram’s 77+ million U.S. users, ads on this network reach a wide audience, improving brand and listing awareness while generating leads. The social network’s main demographic skews younger, but users are highly active. Beautifully composed photos and engaging videos perform well on Instagram. According to Facebook, running Facebook + Instagram together produces a 15% increase in brand awareness and a 33% increase in leads.

Waze, the wildly popular social navigation app, has more than 90 million active global users. Drivers who use Waze spend more than 7 hours per month on average in the app. Geo-targeted ads on this network show your listings to users at the most relevant moment — when they are driving nearby. This not only improves listing awareness, but increases foot traffic.

How do teams and brokers identify listings to promote?
We offer custom packages built for the unique marketing needs of teams and brokers. Learn more about these options by calling us and scheduling a short appointment at 1-800-431-5509. You choose the date and time!
How can I edit my ad?
When you’re logged into Homesnap Pro, go to the Pro tab and then My Ads Dashboard. From there, choose which listing you want to edit, select the appropriate ad network, and make your changes..
How does my Waze ad work?
Drivers can see your listing promotion in a few ways. After they type their destination into the app, Waze will display their route. If your listing’s location is within the map view on the screen, it may pop up as a listing pin (or branded pin for teams and brokerages). This includes when the driver views the map, moves along the planned route or manually adjusts the map on the screen. The advertised listing is also eligible to be promoted to the top of search results. The listings advertised by teams and brokers will include a digital billboard, which appears on the top half of the screen when the driver is at zero speed.

Your ad’s delivery frequency will depend on Waze’s algorithm, but incorporates the usual digital advertising factors: bidding strategy, competition from other ads, location of the app user, search terms and more.

How does my Google ad work?
Once you’ve purchased a Google advertising package, we will promote your listing across display, search, and Gmail channels. Here’s how it works:

– The display channel will deliver your interactive ad to a targeted audience of qualified customers as they use websites that are part of the Google Display Network.
– Via Google’s search channel, carefully selected keywords match your ads to the right buyers and sellers who are actively searching for a property that is similar to your listing.
– Through the Gmail channel, ads will appear in the Gmail inbox, just like emails. Targeting is determined through a user’s keyword interaction and other learned cues within each user’s inbox.

Who is going to see my Facebook/Instagram Ad?
The targeting for your ad is based on the geographical location of the property being promoted. Homesnap Pro also creates unique custom audiences for your ad, which include those you have invited to Homesnap, leads you have received through Homesnap Pro, and anyone who has viewed your profile or listings on Homesnap. If those people are also Facebook/Instagram users, they will be included in the custom audiences that we create for your ad.
Can I change the zip code or other targeting for Facebook/Instagram?
The targeting zip codes and related radius cannot be adjusted, but you can influence the custom audience targeting by inviting your sphere to connect with you on Homesnap. We will target everyone you have invited to Homesnap regardless of whether they have accepted your invitation.
Will my ad be on my Facebook page?
Homesnap Pro runs all ads through our partnership account with Facebook. Therefore, ads are not directly connected to individual agents’ accounts. We encourage you to share the ad to your business page or personal profile. To do this, just go to your ad’s report in Homesnap Pro and click on “See your ad on Facebook.” From there, you can share the ad like you would any other Facebook post by clicking on the “share” link.