Homesnap Pro delivers the tools to create a more personalized and meaningful experience for you and your clients by providing real-time MLS data, a branded connection, and a central place to record all of your conversations and shared properties. Learn how to stay on the same page with your clients in Homesnap Pro to win listings and sell more homes from a single user-friendly app.



Learn the fundamentals of collaborating with your clients and prospects in Homesnap Pro.

Inviting Clients

Create a connection with clients and prospects so they see you when viewing properties in Homesnap and always receive their questions.

Managing Clients

View your clients and prospect’s favorite properties, recent conversations and more.

Messaging Clients

Instantly share properties, send messages, and view all of your communication in one central thread with your clients and prospects.

Managing Listings

View, share, and market your listings in Homesnap Pro’s Listing Management Center.


Showings are a great opportunity to impress potential buyers and help them visualize living in their next home. Use Homesnap Pro’s unique tools at your next showing to wow your buyers.

Scheduling with ShowingTime

Schedule a private showing instantly with Homesnap Pro’s ShowingTime integration.

Setting a Safety Timer

Stay safe by letting your trusted contacts know when you’re out showing properties.

Setting Map Directions

Quickly get directions to any property through Homesnap Pro.


Wow your prospects with agent-only tools.

Sharing a Net Sheet Report

Show potential sellers how much they can pocket with Homesnap Pro’s Net Sheet Calculator.

Sending a Rapid CMA

Show potential sellers how much their property is worth, relative to the local market.


Communication is key when working with sellers. Watch how Homesnap Pro can help you impress your sellers while selling their home.

Ordering an Ad

Advertise your listings on the most powerful consumer networks.

Sharing an Ad Report

Impress your sellers by sharing the results of your active marketing campaigns.

Agent Field Guide

Go through the top tools of Homesnap Pro.

Open House Invitation Postcard

Hand out invitations to Homesnap

Can I call my client from the Homesnap Pro app?
No, you cannot call your client from the Homesnap Pro app at this time. Your clients’ telephone numbers are not stored in the app. You can, however, communicate with your clients via in-app messaging by going to the “Messages” tab and starting a new message with your desired client.
What happens if I send an invitation to a client who is already connected to an agent on Homesnap?
If a client is already connected to another agent, they must first remove them as their agent and then accept your invitation.
Will the fields I leave blank on my Net Sheet Calculator appear on the report?
No, any fields that are not applicable or are left blank will not appear once the report is generated.
What does a client see when you invite them by email?
Clients will receive a branded email asking them to become your client in Homesnap. If you want to see this email, we recommend that you invite yourself with one of your personal emails
My clients aren't accepting my invitation. What am I doing wrong?
Try to resend the invitation. Tap the “Me” tab then “Manage Clients” and then tap “Resend”. We also recommend that you reach out to them beforehand to let them know you are going to invite them into Homesnap. Give them a compelling elevator pitch on why Homesnap is the best place to collaborate.