You work on the go, but no matter where you are, Homesnap Pro can help by providing best-in-class tools to run your business. Because we partner with your MLS, all data in Homesnap Pro is accurate, up-to-date, and right in the palm of your hand. Best of all, Homesnap Pro is provided to you by your MLS at no additional cost! So whether you’re relaxing at home, showing properties, or running errands, Homesnap Pro has you covered.


Setting Up Your Pro Account

Watch an overview on how to claim your free Homesnap Pro agent account provided by your MLS.

Learn how to easily navigate the Homesnap app after claiming your MLS-provided Homesnap Pro agent account.

Pro Tip: If you run into any issues, please reach out to Homesnap’s support team at 866-855-2622 or email us at

Agent Field Guide

Homesnap Pro Feature Sheet

Will Homesnap Pro be helpful for a new agent?
Yes. Homesnap Pro is a helpful tool for all agents no matter their level of experience. By using the app, you can boost your productivity as well as nurture and protect exclusive relationships with your leads and clients.
How do I log into Homesnap Pro as an agent?
When you start the login process, make sure to select “I am a Real Estate Agent.” From there, you will be prompted to verify your MLS credentials. You will know you are logged in as an agent when you see “Pro Agents” at the bottom of Homesnap Pro. This is located by the “Homes” tab. Please refer to this account setup guide at the bottom of this page or contact customer support at (800) 431-5509if you have any other issues.
I am getting a “my profile is claimed” message — why is that?
You will receive that claimed status when you have already created an account and claimed your profile. If you get this message, return to your login page, enter the email address associated with your MLS, and then select “forgot password.” You will be able to reset your password from there.
I don't see the Pro Agents tab at the bottom of Homesnap Pro — why is that?
You are signed in as a consumer (not an agent). You will need to log out, return to the sign-in page, and select “I am a Real Estate Agent.”
How can I update my agent contact information?
Agent contact information is pulled directly from your MLS profile. To have your contact info updated, please reach out to your MLS.