Homesnap Pro is your MLS’s mobile app, so all property information is accurate and updated in real time. Best of all, Homesnap Pro is free for agents. Use Homesnap Pro as your daily property search tool to quickly find your clients their next home, look up other agents’ transaction history, and scan the neighborhood to stay informed.



Searching for Listings

Search by school district, commute time, zip code, town, street name, current location, and much more.

Enabling Advanced Map Layers

Layers add extra depth to your search. Watch how to set a school, satellite, and/or property lines layer onto your search.

Setting Advanced Filters

Homesnap Pro offers a powerful set of filters for agents. Watch to see how easy it is to set your and your clients’ filter preferences. 

Homesnap Pro offers rich listing details and advanced agent-only tools to help you evaluate a property’s fit.


Dive deeper into our most popular agent tools. Any tool with a “PRO” symbol in Homesnap Pro is visible only to agents. These include tools like confidential data, agent profiles with sales volume, our ShowingTime integration, and more.

Mortgage Calculator

Show your buyers what their monthly mortgage will be from any listing,

Confidential Data

View agent-only remarks and listing documents, right from Homesnap Pro.

Safety Timer for Showings

Stay safe by letting your trusted contacts know when you’re showing properties.

Agent-Only Profiles

Get the scoop on an agent’s experience, deal flow, and how you might be connected.

Rapid CMA

Show potential sellers how much their property is worth.

ShowingTime Integration

Schedule a private showing instantly through with Homesnap Pro

Agent Field Guide

Homesnap Feature List

Will my clients also have access to Homesnap's search features?
Yes! Your clients have most of the same search search capabilities as you.
How do I know what features my clients don’t have access to?
Any feature that is underlined in yellow along with a Pro sticker is not visible to clients and consumers.
Can I set multiple listing statuses for my search?
Yes! To add multiple listing statuses for your search, tap “Filter” on the top-right corner of the map then tap “status.” From here, swipe your finger to right of the status you want to include and tap “See Results” to complete your search.
Am I able to see what properties my clients are viewing?
You are able to see which homes your clients favorite by scanning the “News” tab on the bottom left of Homesnap Pro. Any time your clients favorite or snap a property, you will be notified and their activity will appear in your newsfeed.
Am I able to plug in multiple addresses to search simultaneously with search by commute?
Yes! You can enter in up to five separate addresses/locations and five separate commute times to the properties that match your preferences.
Will I need to set the addresses in any particular order when I search by commute?
No. Simply plug in the addresses and adjust the desired commute time for each address. We’ll take care of the rest!
Will my clients be able to see the listing agent’s profile?
The clients you’ve invited into Homesnap will see only you as their main point of contact under all listings.
What happens if I message an agent through Homesnap Pro who has not set up their Homesnap Pro account?
Your message will be sent to them either as a text or an email. When they reply to that text/email, it will show up in the “Messages” tab in Homesnap Pro for you!