Turn Your Videos into Standout, Lead-Generating Ads with Homesnap Video Ads

Turn Your Videos into Standout, Lead-Generating Ads with Homesnap Video Ads

It’s no secret that video makes ads more informative and engaging than photos or a block of text. Through video, you can tell a more detailed story that helps your audience form a stronger, more personal connection with whatever your ad is focusing on. This translates into real results: 84% of marketers who have used video in their ads say that it’s an effective lead-generation tool. 

That’s why we’ve added some new features to Homesnap Video Ads on Facebook and Instagram: In addition to the custom, ready-made dynamic options that Video Ads offer, agents can also upload a video from their computer or phone to use in their ads.

Some ideas for videos that you could make and turn into Homesnap Video Ads include:

  • Property tours of active listings to show compelling home highlights
  • Testimonials from happy buyers or sellers in front of the house that just closed
  • Selfie-mode explanations of why prospects should choose you as an agent

This gives agents the opportunity to run unique, customized ads that showcase their listings and personality in an interactive way that only video can capture. This also gives agents a competitive edge in today’s market, where more buyers and sellers are relying on online tools to browse listings and find a real estate agent.

Read on to find out why it’s important for real estate agents to use video in their ads and how this new DIY tool in Homesnap Video Ads can greatly improve your social media marketing. 

Video Ads and Real Estate Are a Perfect Combo

Even as COVID-related restrictions are reduced or lifted, some sellers are still hesitant to allow open houses. Likewise, there are still buyers who are nervous about viewing properties in person. Video Ads on the nation’s most popular social media platforms are the perfect solution. They provide a compelling way to market your listings in this moment without excluding potential buyers. 

In fact, they’ll actually help you reach even more people since Facebook and Instagram both have a large user base that engages with dynamic content at a high rate. Video Ads on these platforms are known to perform well: Overall, 87% of video marketers say that video gives them a positive ROI. 

Video gives potential buyers a more immersive experience and helps them better visualize themselves inside the home. Sellers, too, are impressed when their listing agent uses video to promote their property since it shows their home in a unique light — almost like a personal tour. And for prospects, seeing an agent’s Video Ad gives them a glimpse into their personality and marketing strategy — an effective way to win new business.

How to Launch Your Homesnap Video Ads

Within just a few minutes, you can get in front of the right buyers and sellers on Facebook and Instagram with scroll-stopping video ads that you’ve made yourself. Here’s how to do it in three easy steps:

Step 1: Submit your video 

Make sure you have a video file on your computer desktop or phone that’s ready for prime time. This can be a home walkthrough, client testimonial, or self-promotion if you don’t have active listings and need to generate new business. The video’s duration can be as long as 60 seconds, and the file itself must be an MP4 or MOV that is less than 500MB in size. 

With your video file ready to go, head to the Homesnap Video Ads creator and choose DIY Video Ad from the ad selection carousel. Now you can upload your video file. 

Step 2: Choose a free lead capture form

After your video is uploaded, it’s time to select which lead-capture form will appear when someone clicks on your ad. We offer a variety of options—at no additional cost—that pair well with different messages, whether you’re promoting yourself or a specific listing. 

Step 3: Define your targeting and budget 

Finally, type in the zip codes you want to target and select a budget to achieve the reach and engagement levels you desire. 

It only takes a few minutes from file upload to ad submission. Then we’ll get to work immediately, creating your video ad and optimizing all settings to ensure it gets in front of the right audience and performs well on Facebook and Instagram

As your video ad runs, you can check your Ads Dashboard in Homesnap Pro to see a thorough, regularly updated performance report, which you can easily share with your seller to keep them informed on the ways you’re promoting their property. 

Are you ready to see how video can improve your social media marketing? Find out how easy it is to get started today with Homesnap Video Ads