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Save Search

  • Agents and consumers can now receive email alerts when a new home in their saved search comes to the market.
  • Live for Email!
  • Live on iOS, Android, and Desktop

You’ve Invited Your Clients Into Homensap. Now What? / The Webinar of the Month

Training Kit



📑 Highlights

Suggest An Edit

  • Any user can report a data error at the bottom of a property page.

Sell Speed

  • Now available for iPhone, Android, and Desktop
  • For any off-market property, Homesnap Pro agents can use this market data-driven algorithm tool to estimate how fast a home will sell based on its sale price
  • Pro+ agents can use the Sell Speed tool on active listings
  • Check out our blog post for more details!

Updated Agent Field Guide (includes links to tutorial videos!)

Updated Client Guide



📑 Highlights

Sell Speed Beta

  • Agents can see use a market data-driven algorithm to estimate how fast a home will sell based on its sale price.
  • Sell Speed is an agent tool which only is viewable on Homesnap Pro and Pro+ (Live on Desktop, coming soon for iPhone and Andriod)
  • Seller’s can use the tool to help in pricing strategy while buyers can use as supporting evidence in price negotiations.
  • Check out our blog post for more details!

Agent Safety Month – Special Safety Timer Webinar – Your members/subscribes can use the links below to sign up!

Trainer Roundtable Feedback. Help us improve the roundtable!



📑 Highlights

Free Marketing with Homesnap Pro

  • Branded Newsletter

An agent can send a weekly branded newsletter based on their client’s preferred zip code.

  • Marketing on Social Media

Share Profile Link. An agent can use their personalized profile link to invite prospective clients into Homesnap through social media. The example below is through Facebook.

  • Share Listing and Stories.

An agent can share their listing directly on social media. Below are examples of posting a listing and short Facebook. An agent can also share their Homesnap Stories on Social Media. Below is an example of sharing a Homesnap Story on Facebook.

  • Is there a way for MLS to prevent an agent from sharing another agent’s listing on social media?
    • The simple answer is no. Unfortunately, we do not have a block that prevents agents from sharing other agents listings on their social media.
  • Is there a calendar we can post monthly instead of for individual classes for our members?
    • Yes, your regional Educational Partner has a training calendar that can be found on our Homesnap University Page, in the training kit we send to you every month. You can also embed the calendar onto your MLS website!



📑 Highlights

  • Affordability Calculator * available for Android now and coming soon to open iPhone.
    • We added a new calculator to our app for consumers and agents.
    • Estimate the home price you can afford based on income, debts, loan types, and taxes/fees.
    • Users can adjust the debt to income ratio to change how much they can borrow.
    • Typically, DTI should be 36% or lower to qualify for a mortgage.
  • Mortgage Calculator
    • The mortgage calculator has a fresh new look, as well as the ability to add advanced fields to get a more accurate monthly payment. 
    • We have added fields for property taxes, homeowners insurance, HOA / condo fees, and mortgage insurance.
  • What is the difference between Homesnap Pro and Homesnap Pro+?
  • Our members/subscribers are receiving a lot of notifications and emails from Homesnap. Can they change their notification and email settings?
    • Yes, please direct them to our customer support team “”





  • Agent Stories now available for Android. Coming soon for iPhone.
  • Virtual Open Houses *Only for Web. Remember, the virtual open house is an actual live feed that requires streaming url link.
  • Now your agents can use our interactive map to sign up for training with one of our local Educational Partners.
  1. Does the Profile Story feature allow buyers agents to create stories on other agents listings? The Profile Story feature on Android does not require an agent to have an active listing to create a Homesnap Story, this will allow agents who have permission to help fellows agents market their listing.
  2. What should I use my Profile Story to promote my listing or for marketing myself? For both, we encourage agents to take advantage of this free tool to market themselves and listings. This gives agents the flexibility to get creative and stand out using this new tool that no other real estate platform offers.



  • We’ve released new advanced filters in Homesnap. This was released on iPhone, Android, and desktop. Expect even more filters to come!
  • Each MLS now has an assigned agent trainer. To view your trainer, click here.
  • Trainers can have agents check into their training with by sending the Homesnap Bot the keyword “Training”. Once they check in, the Homesnap Bot will send them resources in the app. To view how to have your agents check in, click here.
  1. Will the HOA be an average monthly? The HOA fee is being pulled directly from the MLS HOA Data field.
  2. Say there’s more than one HOA for one home does it take all those fees into an average?  The HOA is calculated Total Monthly.
  3.  On my Android, I have an option in the Me section to Introduce myself with a Story. But I don’t have that as an option in the Me section on my iPad. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my iPad but don’t have it. Is this going to be an option on Apple devices with the next update?  This will be released on iPhone very shortly!
  4. How does an agent update their app if it only shows for sale and for rent?  An Agent can update their app by visiting the App Store on their IOS device and the Google Play store for Android, both devices users will need to tap on updates. 
  5. Does the client guide have a video tutorial link that can be shared?  No not at this time, however, more consumer training content is in process.
  6. Your new filter says “seniors”. What if ours says 55+ will it capture that? Yes, the Senior filter option is the 55+ Community.
  7. What is the timeframe for the likelihood to list?  The Likelihood list is within a 12 month period.