The Snapshot #95: What’s New In Digital Marketing For 2019

The Snapshot #95: What’s New In Digital Marketing For 2019

We talk to Jeanne Whipple, owner, and Gemma Schaefer, marketing manager, of the Philly Home Girls (Coldwell Banker Preferred in Philadelphia) about what they are planning to do differently in 2019 in terms of their marketing. The Philly Home Girls have built their brands and brought in clients in an organic, engaged way and they have big plans for this year.

You’ll learn:

1. How the Philly Home Girls refreshed their brand messaging based on their audience’s interests.

2. How segmenting and prioritizing their audience has made their audience more engaged.

3. Why they push clients beyond social media to in-person engagement

4. Why less DIY/home improvement is a trend for 2019.

5. How the Philly Home Girls get their agents onboard with their marketing philosophy.

6. The technology tools the Philly Home Girls use to be productive.

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