The Snapshot #88: Virtual Staging Sells Homes

The Snapshot #88: Virtual Staging Sells Homes

We talk to Jared Barnett and Augusto Bittencourt of Compass in New York City about how virtual staging has evolved into a very valuable tool to sell homes, and how it sets their team apart from other agents.

You’ll learn:

1. Which homes are good candidates for virtual staging

2. How to avoid ‘bait and switch’ complaints when using virtual staging

3. How much money you can save using virtual staging

4. How to show renovation possibilities without misleading buyers

5. How to add features that will appeal to a broad range of tastes

6. The mechanics of virtual staging software

7. How to breathe new life into a stale listing using virtual staging

8. How Google Earth can be used to create videos.

Links mentioned:

Constant Contact

Filmmaker Pro

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