The Snapshot #83: Marketing To Agents — What’s Working?

The Snapshot #83: Marketing To Agents — What’s Working?

We talk to Tom Flaherty, Director of Marketing and Communications at Northstar MLS in Minneapolis about how he uses digital marketing to reach agents, as well as how his members are using marketing.

You’ll learn:

1) The #1 way Northstar MLS reaches agents.

2) Why it’s important to hit agents on more than one channel.

3) How Northstar is using targeted marketing to send its messages to the right audiences.

4) The one type of marketing message that works every time.

5) How Homesnap and the Broker Public Portal are helping stem the tide of traffic to third party websites.

6) What other MLSs have done that Tom has admired.

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Homesnap and

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Northstar Facebook page and blog

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