The Snapshot #78: Connecting Through Content Marketing

The Snapshot #78: Connecting Through Content Marketing

We talk to Heather Flack, director of marketing at ERA Grizzard in Central Florida, about the value of inbound marketing in building a brand and developing clients.

You’ll learn:

  1. The difference between inbound and outbound marketing (giving vs. selling)
  2. Why real estate agents in particular should focus on content/inbound marketing
  3. How content marketing establishes credibility and gives prospective clients a sense of what an agent is like
  4. Why content marketing is not “one and done” and why you should avoid the generic stuff. Express your passion!
  5. How much time and money to spend on content marketing.
  6. Where to start to improve your content marketing game. (Hint: define your audience and figure out what they want.)
  7. Common mistakes agents make with content marketing.
  8. Why content marketing is just part of your overall marketing strategy.
  9. Why less-polished content is becoming more popular.

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