The Snapshot #77: 4 Marketing Trends Shaping Real Estate

The Snapshot #77: 4 Marketing Trends Shaping Real Estate

We talk with Brandon Doyle, realtor at Doyle Real Estate Team in Maple Grove, Minnesota and co-author of Mindset, Methods and Metrics: Winning As A Modern Real Estate Agent about what is going on this year in the world of real estate marketing.

We’ll cover:

1. The importance of personal relationships with your sphere of influence and investing in your CRM. Don’t spam your clients! And don’t give up on leads too soon.

2. The importance of real-time response to leads – ideally a human contact within 5 minutes. Cut off all automation after you’ve had an in-person contact.

3. ROI and why you need to measure how your efforts are doing.

4. Video – neighborhood videos, personalized videos, and digital showings.

Links mentioned:

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