The Snapshot #72: A 12-Month Marketing Plan for Agents

The Snapshot #72: A 12-Month Marketing Plan for Agents

We talk to Christy Murdock Edgar of Writing Real Estate about what new real estate agents should be doing in their first year to get their marketing efforts off the ground. She takes us month by month, focusing on how to prioritize and how to sequence marketing activities.

You’ll learn:

1. How to get the right headshot.

2. Business cards: standard or standout?

3. How to set up a system to track contacts.

4. How to define your sphere of influence.

5. Why it’s ok to take time to figure out what you’re doing before you make a big investment in marketing.

6. Why a social media calendar makes you more efficient and productive.

7. How to define your niche and who you bring value to.

8. What a “client avatar” is and why you should develop one.

9. Why you should launch a blog and repurpose the content over and over.

10. Why you need to segment your email list and your content.

Links mentioned:

Inman article by Christy Murdock Edgar


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