The Snapshot #71: How To Do Branding Differently

The Snapshot #71: How To Do Branding Differently

Homesnap talks to Kim Colaprete of Team Diva Real Estate (Coldwell Banker Bain) in Seattle about the distinctive brand her team built around personalized relationships with clients.

You’ll learn:

  1. Why Kim doesn’t need to be the agent for everyone.
  2. How being authentic and delivering a personal message leads to stronger client relationships.
  3. Why Team Diva doesn’t shy away from political discussions, and in fact finds that they strengthen client relationships.
  4. Write about what you’re passionate about. It will show if you don’t.
  5. Why Yelp works for Team Diva.
  6. How Team Diva is using a hub-and-spoke marketing system with an email newsletter to deliver great value to their clients.
  7. The dangers of using a generic drip marketing campaign.

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