The Snapshot #68: Building A Brand Through Digital Marketing

The Snapshot #68: Building A Brand Through Digital Marketing

We talk to Kenny Truong of Climb Real Estate Group in Oakland CA about how he built his brand, Fast Agent, using digital marketing and social media.

You’ll learn:

  1. How Kenny used a hashtag to introduce his brand.
  2. Why he built a brand distinct from his last name or brokerage name.
  3. Why Kenny expanded to include motivational, coaching and training content aimed at other agents.
  4. Facebook vs. Instagram – how he uses them differently.
  5. How Kenny uses retargeting on social media.
  6. How Kenny uses ad platforms to amplify successful content, rather than creating separate content just for ads.
  7. Common mistakes agents use when building a brand.
  8. How Kenny looks to other industries and companies for inspiration for his own content.

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