The Snapshot #101: Authenticity In Real Estate Marketing

The Snapshot #101: Authenticity In Real Estate Marketing

We talk to Peter Lorimer, CEO/Broker of PLG Estates in Beverly Estate – the Rock and Roll Realtor – about authenticity in real estate marketing, Instagram, and getting the most out of your content.

We discuss:

1. How being true to his personality – and speaking honestly to his clients – worked for Peter and led him to his client base and his own brokerage.

2. Why Instagram fits the real estate industry so perfectly.

3. Whether agents should have a personal and a professional Instagram account, or just one. 

4. Peter’s hashtag strategy.

5. Why you shouldn’t post for the competition – post what you’re passionate about.

6. Geotags (which you should be using).

7. Why Peter bailed on Snapchat.

8. Syndication to other platforms – yes or no?

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