With Homesnap Concierge, lenders can build exclusive, RESPA-compliant partnerships with real estate agents and tap into an expansive network of pre-qualified buyer leads.

What is Homesnap Concierge?

Homesnap is a nationwide home search portal that gives more than 25 million consumers and one million agents access to the most accurate, real-time data in the industry. 

Concierge is a RESPA-compliant, co-marketing platform and lead qualification service from Homesnap. Concierge works by targeting ready-to-purchase homebuyers on networks like Facebook and Instagram with hyper-focused, personalized ads, and then qualifies them before handing them off to agents and lenders. Notifications of high-intent, hot leads are delivered immediately via email and/or SMS, and the Concierge team continues to nurture lower-intent leads until they are ready to transact.

Concierge does not randomly assign leads, nor do agents or lenders ever have to compete against other agents and lenders for the same leads. Every single lead generated from Concierge is expressly interested in working with the advertising agent and lender. 

How can lenders use Homesnap Concierge?

As a lender, you can co-sponsor Concierge advertising campaigns on behalf of your partner agents. Your business’ information will appear wherever your partner agent advertises through the Concierge platform.  It’s a win-win.  Agents save on their marketing spend, and you, as the agent’s sole sponsor, will benefit from access to a steady stream of high-intent homebuyer leads.

Concierge is also RESPA compliant.

So, Concierge doesn’t just advertise a lender’s business?


Concierge does not run advertisements on behalf of just lenders. Instead, lenders co-sponsor an advertising campaign with an agent. Both the lender and agent will appear on RESPA-compliant Concierge advertisements. That way, you’ll solidify your relationship with high-performing agents while also generating pre-qualified home-buyer leads. 

Are Homesnap Concierge relationships exclusive?


As a lender, you can sponsor as many agents as you wish.  Agents, on the other hand, can only partner with one lender, which ensures that only one lender appears on an agent’s advertisements.

What makes Homesnap Concierge more effective than other social and search advertising platforms?

After more than a year of research and development, Homesnap’s digital marketing experts worked out the best combination of networks, ad types, designs, and content types to serve hyper-targeted and personalized ads to relevant home buyers. Additionally, the Concierge team is supported by our in-house machine learning algorithms, built upon thousands of exclusive real estate industry data points derived from Homesnap’s consumer-facing platform. Using this technology, actual artificial intelligence, the team looks for signals — signs that a buyer is ready to transact — that a human being might miss.  

Because of this, Concierge is not a static or one-size-fits-all solution. Each and every campaign is personalized and unique to the goals of the individual agent, and the Concierge team iterates in real-time, pivoting towards the ideal ratio of networks and advertisements in order to maximize returns.  

Once leads are identified, the Concierge lead qualification team gets to work.  Via calls, texts, and emails over a multi-week period, they qualify interested prospects on behalf of the agent.  Agents have complete transparency over the process.

The results speak for themselves. Concierge advertisements have proven to deliver better leads at a lower cost per lead than third-party platforms (Zillow,, DIY, and brokerage-offered advertising solutions.

How long is the commitment period?

We offer a variety of packages tailored specifically for you and your partner agent, including special packages for first-time purchasers. Schedule a call with our team to learn more details. 

Is there someone who I can talk to before buying?

Yes, if you’d like to talk to a Homesnap Concierge representative, please fill out this form and someone from our team will be in touch.