The Snapshot #9: Why Agents Need To Run Facebook Ads

The Snapshot #9: Why Agents Need To Run Facebook Ads

We talk to Christina Ethridge of Leads and Leverage, who helps real estate agents capture, convert and close Facebook leads.

You’ll learn:

1. Why you need a paid Facebook presence to fuel your organic presence

2. How to use your Facebook presence to address or solve your audience’s problems

3. How to deliver long term, consistent results from Facebook

4. What the ideal Facebook ad should contain

5. How to target your Facebook ad through audience segmentation

6. How Facebook Canvas ads can tell a story

7. How to take advantage of livestream Facebook video

8. Why retargeting is the power of your ad structure

You need to be where your consumers are, and the majority of home buyers and sellers are on Facebook. Facebook is hands down the best place you should be fully implementing first before you explore other platforms. – Christina Ethridge

You can listen to Episode 9 here, or on iTunes or Stitcher.