The Snapshot #80: Marketing 101 For New Agents

The Snapshot #80: Marketing 101 For New Agents

We talk to Shayan Jalali of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Warrenton Residential in Boston about tips for new real estate agents — particularly how new agents should spend their first year in terms of marketing their business and building a brand. Bottom line: invest in building personal relationships through genuine, relevant content that shows what you’re like to work with.

You’ll learn:

1. Treat your real estate practice like a business from day 1.

2. Be purposeful with your marketing.

3. Be sincere. Wording matters! (Don’t call potential clients “leads.”)

4. How to avoid generic content. Don’t be something for everyone, but be everything for someone.

5. Put yourself in your audience’s head.

6. How the hub-and-spoke content system puts you in control. Also, don’t get on every platform at once.

7. How to use Facebook Messenger in real estate.

8. Best uses of video.

9. The value of handwritten notes.

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